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The Appetizer Radio Show

Serving up your connection to new and emerging artists along with established legends each week.

Connect with us using these platforms to discover fresh flavors of music from the known as well as the unknown.

Hear the show online by clicking on the Listen-Now link on the Play Button.

Sound Bites: Jiggley Jones

When first seeing the name Jiggley Jones before hearing the music, it’s hard to know what you’re getting into. That was my initial thought before giving his song Walk On Me a listen. How seriously can I take something from a guy named Jiggley? It turns out that the award-winning Jones writes not only a well-crafted song, but the use of guitar and piano to drive the melody paired with a sweet guitar solo and a strongly composed lyric make for music worth listening to again and again.

It’s not common for me to restart a song immediately after it’s finished unless there’s something there I really want to dive into again. That was the case with this one. Regarding the name, it certainly is an attention getter. And he does rock the goatee pretty well too.

Hear the music and see the video. Then purchase the song HERE.

Sound Bites: Ben Solar

Diversity is not uncommon on our platform, and we’ve been very privileged to get to connect with some very diverse artists in recent weeks. The influx of hip-hop, EDM, country, and soul music as part of our Sound Bites presentation has been a benefit to all of us. This time we’re showcasing a fantastic EDM artist and producer named Ben Solar. He’s a seasoned veteran in both remix production as well as original composition. Ranging in styles from Dubstep/Glitchstep to Hip-hop and straight EDM, Solar is a highly sought out remix producer, and for good reason.

I dove into his platform (all available via Soundcloud) and discovered some great tracks perfect for a variety of listening engagements aside from normal listening like workout music (many perfect for Zumba or other workouts) and dance club tracks. Producers of video would also be interested in reaching out to Solar for mixes for projects. Listen and you’ll know why. Here are 4 that stand out most to me.

His remix of DEADMOU3′ “I Remember” adds interesting dynamic elements without changing the original beauty of the song.

Under a different name(Think Floyd), Turn My Mind Off incorporates rich textures of sound, effects, and beats to create a uniquely powerful song.

Sexy Robots has 2 versions. In this rendition, the tempo feels slightly altered by the different EDM musical dynamic and a slight change in beat breakdown. To me, this gives the song more depth.

Twisted Bigtop would work great in an animated video for obvious reasons

Sound Bites: Rob Niece

RobNiece Louisville, KY is home to The Kentucky Derby where pedigreed race horses seek the limelight of a championship win. Where some non-recognized names have risen to the top of that field of competition, the music scene in Louisville is experiencing a similar dynamic, particularly in Hip Hop. Rob Niece is a writer and performer who has journeyed with legends and rising stars. His latest project, Soul and Hip Hop, stirs the mix of these styles into a fresh and innovative new musical experience.
The new album Soul and Hip Hop brings something new for Louisville to celebrate. Key tracks to take note of are songs with MoTown sound recalling 70s soul under a strong rap like Century, Cali Dreams and Still Love. Other songs to check out include Double Standard with its short/sweet hook that’s straight to the point, and Here For You, which you can sample on the Bandcamp page.

His latest album is set to release in August, and by pre-ordering you have the chance to also win an iPad 2. Click here for details.

Get a sample of Rob Niece with these sound bites. Here’s some of his past work.