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The Appetizer Radio Show

Serving up your connection to new and emerging artists along with established legends each week.

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Birdy Emerges As Phoenix On Fire Within

Birdy-2450 When a music prodigy emerged on the forefront of Pop radio with covers of Bon Iver and Ed Sheeran , Jasmine van den Bogaerde amazed even casual listeners. Known in music as Birdy, the 14 year old garnered tremendous press with her unique take on a song followed by every millennial who claims to like “indie music,” Skinny Love in 2011. Using just a piano and her graceful vocals for the cover track, Birdy did more than put herself on the map. She made a new one.

Though the Bon Iver cover was outstanding, her debut album showcased more than just one great cover (and you know my affinity for cover songs). Her play on Phoenix’ hit 1901 as well as Fleet Foxes’ White Winter Hymnal and the piano-driven version of James Taylor’s Fire and Rain illustrated prowess for reinvention. Birdy’s debut is not an entire cover album with some breath-taking singles including I’ll Never Forget You.

Three years later and the child has grown much. Birdy’s sound continues to showcase a maturity from her world-renowned presence on TV and in media following the success of her self-titled debut. Birdy’s latest release is titled Fire Within, containing the single Words As Weapons. This song goes beyond the obvious note regarding bullying and emotional abuse. It hits a new chord, both in the musical songwriting as well as the overall lyrical theme. Fire Within has already taken in several music awards, and helped catapult the rising star to new audiences through feature songs in films like Pixar’s Brave and The Fault In Our Stars.

Though the tale of a phoenix is a rise from fire, Birdy illustrates that the fire of success can continue to burn bright. Certainly the young lady who wrote her first few songs and covered some of the biggest acts in music learned many lessons along the way. But the fire present on the latest album is indicative that more great writing is on the way for all of us.

Sound Bites: JJ Dae

JJDae There’s not going to be an emerging artist who just takes one style of music and sticks strictly with it. Or will there? The more I look and find great new music discoveries, the more I’m experiencing breakout artists who are influenced by diversity. This is diversity of style, sound, songwriting, and presence.

JJ Dae flows in diversity. His style mixes with genres that wouldn’t normally be associated with each other, like folk rock and hip-hop. But he makes it work, and then some. Compared to hip-hop icon Outkast and contemporary rock/country artist Darius Rucker, JJ Dae’s ebb and flow provide well-crafted lyricism with fluid acoustic rock. Rock meets beat-box meets rap flows in a straight-up cool presentation.

Others are keying in on his unique talent. JJ Dae was recently nominated by the South Carolina Music Awards for Male R&B Artist Of The Year.

Sample and pick up the single on iTunes here.

Sound Bites: Luke Potter

LPotter Every generation has a blend of yester-year and something a little fresh that gets mixed together for a retro-rebirth.

I experienced something similar when finding a fun video from teen pop act Luke Potter. His song It’s OK To Dream has the visual mix of 80s Bruce Springsteen (the US faded shirt and the shaggy hair style) and a little pink back drop mixed with something akin to the film 17 Again in youth reflecting a time past. There’s a slight hint of Oasis in there as well, I just can’t put my finger on exactly where.

Luke Potter is a young singer-songwriter from the UK who has already garnered a lot of attention for his songwriting including features and reviews from Music Week. Inspired by the first time he heard Goo Goo Dolls’ hit Iris, Luke has put creative music to his storytelling.

It’s OK To Dream moves in a fun pop rock sound through the self-identity discovery of coming-of-age young adult anthem. The sound is similar to 2003-era Relient K with a modern twist (and an English accent). Good stuff from an emerging sensation in England. More insights into Luke Potter on his website.