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The Appetizer Radio Show

Serving up your connection to new and emerging artists along with established legends each week.

Connect with us using these platforms to discover fresh flavors of music from the known as well as the unknown.

Hear the show online by clicking on the Listen-Now link on the Play Button.

Sound Bites: Fruit n Beef

FruitnBeef Fruit n Beef might seem an odd pairing at meal time, but a very nice one in your iPod or stereo. Capturing the California groove of Sublime meshed with a Colbie Callait vibe, their new single A Little Crazy flows perfectly. In parts the sound is a No Doubt feel with less nasally and more mid-ranged vocals from front-lady Henrieta Stepanovsky, Fruit n Beef jam with a solid track we’ll be listening to more and more of this week (and look out for a possible feature on the radio show). Click here to download the track for Free.

The video is a lot of fun. Here it is.

Sound Bites: Zoe Ryan

ZoeRyan I have to thank Amanda Palmer, Lindsay Katt and Regina Spektor for curving my mind around the inclusion of ukulele into folk songwriting. Australian based indie folk rocker Zoe Ryan takes this concept a step further, crafting snappy musical poetry while flourishing piano, guitars, and a fluid drum rhythm. The Melbourne singer-songwriter performs with The Dandy Lion, providing a decadent ensemble of musical flair to match Ryan’s poise and voice.

Our Patchwork Hearts, the 2014 release, opens with a rush of vibrant sounds, similar in some ways to Mumford & Sons with a hint of the folk styles of Lisa Mitchell or indie rocker (and feature artist) Bess Rogers. Upbeat and fun with a twinge of contemplative, Zoe Ryan is poised to turn heads as well as ears.

Listen to their EP below.

Purchase on iTunes here.

Sound Bites: Charlie Leavy

CLeavy At first listen, there’s a similarity to Gretchen Schmaltz, both in style and songwriting. But Charlie Leavy is crafting a style all her own. Barely 30 seconds into the first song of her Best Damn Ride EP and it’s obvious that Charlie is going places. The music is catchy itself, but songwriting subject matter that dives into problems with society pertaining to our perceptions (in The Way Life Is) highlights a talent that is on the verge of something outstanding. The music alone is worth stopping to take note of, until you find yourself lost in the articulation of the theme.

Songwriting jumps into more common territories of romance that doesn’t go according to plan (Falter Baby) and the hope for rekindled love (Wearing Your Kiss, recording live). Instead of the common “wearing my heart on my sleeve” themes prevalent in even the most well-intentioned folk artists, Leavy has something more to offer listeners through her poetic and musical touch.

American audiences must rely on the outlet of Soundcloud (and subsequently iTunes) to listen and pick up the tracks, as the UK is the home of Leavy, and sadly where her shows are limited to for the moment. What’s the best way to change that? Listen and buy her music from her soundcloud page. In September, Reverbnation is set to feature her as an up-and-coming act. Let them know you want more of this kind of talent shared.

Pick up Charlie Leavy’s Best Damn Ride EP (or singles) on iTunes here.