Landing on the Moon

            From Omaha, Nebraska, Landing on the Moon started recording their music by themselves.  They were on the hunt for a record label because they couldn’t get the quality they wanted from their self-recordings.  Soon, they were picked up by Curtis Grubb of Grubb Inc. Recording and Production Studios because their message was honest and clear, something that Grubb wasn’t used to seeing much anymore. Landing on the Moon is not your run of the mill indie band, and I agree with Grubb, they are unique because they are fronted by the content of their songs, not just the sound they put out.

                The band’s lead vocalist, Megan Morgan, pounds out beautiful lyrics obviously cultivated from a very deep part of the band’s heart.  They mix these words with sound that resonates with alternative rock ballads and melodies.  As they began to gain momentum, the band was picked up by a New York label, Young Love.  Although the label was new, it would put the band on the map to play at shows like South by Southwest.  I’d love to see a band like this come to a show out here, their sound brings back the sweet taste of bands like The Runaways mixed with math pop but their lyrics resonate with me just like the lingering melodies of Noah Gundersen.  Bands that are this personal are gems; they’re worth taking a listen to, check out the link to their band page here.  If you want to hear more unique, driving music like this, check out The Appetizer’s Listen Now page too!

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