Pet Lions

I always find it extremely encouraging when I discover bands that start out by self-releasing their music, climb the ranks to record more albums, and tour with fantastic names. As a musician, I really appreciate that; it’s like a “Hey, Martha, don’t give up! Keep playing!” It also changes my perspective. I think I’m often misconstrued by musicians that ride on a label, as if that label is criteria for them to be a good artist. Pet Lions, a band I’ve been introduced to recently, challenges this thought, they break the mold—they don’t have a label, they do it alone, and they are making great headway.

With their sonic beats merged with pop tones and a voice that is reminiscent of Ezra Koenig, lead singer of Vampire Weekend Pet Lions , Pet Lions brings refreshing, flavorful music to the indie scene. Comprised of Karl Ostby, Shuhei Yamamoto, Matt Dahl and Joseph Murphy, Pet Lions comes from Chicago. They self-released Soft Right in 2009 and grabbed almost immediate attention. It wasn’t long after this that they started touring with some big indie names, like Maps & Atlases and Tennis. They released a sophomore album, Houses in 2011, also self-released, and have also seen their music on some popular ABC family shows. Pretty impressive for self-recording, if you ask me. I heard “Propeller Planes,” a song from Soft Right on a mix CD and I was immediately bobbing my head with the beat, and by the end of it, I was trying to sing the chorus! I love that, I love when a song is so catchy that I can almost have those 20 seconds of knowing what I’m singing. If you love that feeling too or are looking some refreshing, catchy tunes, check them out here. For a nice meal of tunes similar to Pet Lions, also tune into The Appetizer’s Listen Now!

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