James Bay Has A Little Something for Everyone
August 13, 2013 Blog

Both James Bay and New Myths are on this week’s program titled “Explorations.” LISTEN NOW to hear them in our 1st hour.

James Bay
James Bay
has released The Dark of the Morning EP this year, and is getting quite a bit of attention in both the UK and the US for his skill as a songwriter and musician.  This attention is well-deserved, as Morning is easy to listen to, and the music and lyrics are impressive enough to stand up to the work of many mainstream artists.

Bay is a singer-songwriter whose off-the-cuff manner makes his songs feel more like spontaneous eruptions of emotion than the carefully sculpted objects they actually are.  “When We Were on Fire” is one of his most popular songs–probably for this very reason.  An acoustic video is posted below.  Once you’ve watched it, do yourself a favor and listen to the entire Morning EP for free here.



New Myths It used to be that when a band released a three-track debut EP, it was a low-quality affair, released by overly-enthusiastic musicians well before their music was ready to be recorded.  New-wave/electro-rock group New Myths’ 2012 self-titled release proves that this does not have to be the case.  Rather, New Myths EP debuts a talented band with a practiced and impressive sound.  It is obvious that New Myths intends to use their EP to garner attention and build a base of dedicated fans in the same way that other indie acts (like the fabulous UK band Daughter) have so successfully done.  The trio is currently touring and working on their first full-length release, which should be worth the wait, if this EP is any indication of their potential.

New Myths’ bandcamp page offers an opportunity to listen to all three songs from the EP, as well as to read their lyrics.  The official video for their insanely beguiling “False Gold” is below.


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