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CynthiaKahn Today’s post comes from Cynthia Kahn, founder of Amused Now Entertainment. She has dedicated her career to helping indie artists get the help they need doing what they love-making art of all types. This guest blog shines a light on the great work that Amused Now Entertainment does in the art world, and illustrates how people with love for the arts are networking together to help artists grow their brand.
The world is full of talented artists. My goal is to provide an opportunity for talented artists to sell their art for profit, so they can create more art and the world has the opportunity to experience even more of their creations.

Today’s indie music scene is highly competitive. There are plenty of websites that allow indie musicians
to upload their music for sale, but there are not many websites that help talented artists get the
exposure they need to sell more music. Musicians are not the only group of indie artists with this problem. Amused Now fills the need all indie artists have for Artist and Repertoire (A&R). Because indie artists choose to release their art independent of a film studio, music label or publishing company, they have no one to help them with artist development and promotion.

AmusedNow As a first step to fill that gap, we created the Amused Now Blog and YouTube channel that supports all
indie artists, from filmmakers to musicians to authors, plus all types of businesses that support those
artists. Amused Now’s posts and video interviews shine a spotlight on great talent and bring artists to
new fans. Every interview and post include advice for other artists, so Amused Now is also a place where
artists learn how to advance their careers directly from other successful artists.

We provide indie fans with a dedicated web entertainment network to learn about new indie artists,
their current projects and where to buy their work. Because Amused Now caters to multiple types of
artists, we have a wider-reaching fan base than most indie sites. Artists can participate with Amused Now through our featured artist and guest post programs. Those who pay to be a featured artist receive three types promotional collateral: a video interview, a short video preview of the interview (a teaser) and a professionally written blog post. Video interviews and articles written by a third party give an artist more credibility as a “person of interest” to potential fans and investors. Amused Now has helped several artists reach their Kickstarter and Indiegogo goals.

Guest posts are always free, but they must meet the same quality standards as featured artist posts and
include a section on artists helping artists. Amused Now promotes both featured artists and guest posts with the same level of effort on all our social media sites. However, the most successful posts are those heavily promoted by the artists themselves. Those artists contribute to the initial public launch and continue to promote their videos and posts long after the initial buzz dies down. The most successful indie artists are social media savvy; they hang out where their fans hang out and they engage them in meaningful conversations.

The next step for Amused Now is the launch of its e-commerce site later this year. With the addition of
e-commerce, Amused Now becomes a one-stop network for all things indie. Fans can learn about new
indie artists and purchase their work without leaving the site.

This upcoming release includes a free artist profile, where musicians can consolidate their web presence
and link their Amused Now profile to all their websites. Musicians will also have the opportunity to
become merchants and upload their music for sale through our download distribution channels.

Amused Now merchants get paid at the time of sale, which provides immediate funds to produce
new entertaining content. Musicians who are interested in learning more about the launch of our e-
commerce site should go out to and sign up for our newsletter.

One final word of advice: If your music is not selling the way you think it should, take steps to find out what’s not working and fix it. Ask your fans for their input. Get your music critiqued by someone you
respect in the industry. Keep learning, practicing and honing your craft. Keep releasing new music.

Truly great art combined with effective promotion expands your reach and gets you career-boosting

Go, go, go!
Cynthia Kahn is the CEO and Founder Amused Now Entertainment. Read more about her and her company on their BLOG and check out their Youtube channel. Follow them on Twitter.

Another resource for artists to find out why their music isn’t selling, as well as getting insights into how to help them be ready for radio airplay can be found with a little help from us Here.

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  • June 21, 2016 at 10:36 AM

    I love what you are doing much love and respect. best of luck in the future, I will send some of my clients your way for sure. One problem was I wasn’t able to leave a comment on the actual site. I dont know if it was closed or not. But anyways keep it up one luv.
    Jose Cruz


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