Abbey Road And The Journey Of Love
October 7, 2014 Blog

Mrs. Smith and I on Abbey Road

Mrs. Smith and I on Abbey Road

Countless music fans flock to Abbey Road in London each year to take the famed walk across the street that was pictured in the quintessential Beatles album. In my recent journey to the UK, we ventured to the famed street, but for reasons unlike those of most travelers. Abbey Road, despite its obvious musical connection, has a different place in my heart, and a very meaningful piece of history pertaining to the love that I know and cherish.

As I said in my previous blog entry pertaining to the overall London trip, my wife (aka Mrs. Smith) spent a semester studying abroad in 2004 when we were good friends. It was that time across the ocean that solidified much of the realization that my life was completely incomplete without her. I worked the early shift at the radio station I would spend 13 years at. Clocking in at 5:30A left very little to do after the initial news break than watch TV or send a few emails.

I would go through all my email messages, delete this and respond to that. I was really praying that I just had one message in my inbox from her. Sure enough, nearly every day I received a glorious update on what was going on in the world of England. I had very little excitement in my life at the time, but longed to just be able to make some form of connection, so I would give a play-by-play update on what was happening on the only 2 shows on at that hour- Saved By The Bell and Walker Texas Ranger. I was fairly certain neither of those programs aired in London, and pretty sure that (to-be) Mrs. Smith didn’t care about Walker, but maybe Saved By The Bell. Either way, it was an attempt at communication and at least humor. I guess I succeeded, because not long after she returned state-side, we got engaged and married. It’s been the best decade of my life sense.

I share all of this for a few reasons. One, there’s a lot I don’t open up about concerning my life on this platform, yet I spend several hours each week trying to showcase music and hope you like it. It’s hard to truly engage with someone and what they’re offering when you don’t know them very well, or don’t know much of their story. I haven’t offered you much of my story to this point, focusing almost exclusively on the content of the music, instead of the personal stories behind them or why it has meaning to me. When I share insights from this trip to London, there’s a whole lot more to it than just taking a trip overseas and enjoying the sights. Our time on Abbey Road is one of those examples. Here’s why:

DaveLovesLeilani While Mrs. Smith, oh hell let’s just be candid-her name is Leilani, while she was studying in London in ’04, she wrote on the wall on Abbey Road “Leilani Loves Dave.” Yeah, that’s me. There’s a whole other story behind why I don’t go by “Dave” on the radio but that’s for a different time. We weren’t a couple then, but she knew what she wanted. She got me as soon as she returned. So when she returned to London last month, we both returned to Abbey Road. I branded my own version of dedication to her, and she did the same. This wall is home to countless people’s writings, odes, poems, dedications, and other sayings. Every few years they white wash the wall and the process begins anew. I had hoped her original writing might be visible but it wasn’t. All the same, Abbey Road is branded with our name and our love.

And I had to say something about The Appetizer Radio Show. It’s just a chance I couldn’t resist. I did doctor (photoshop) an image that we put on Facebook with this picture, where a better and more clear logo for the show is present. This is actually what it looked like.

Thanks for letting me share this piece of my history with you. And thanks for trekking with me this long without me revealing much of myself. I’m working on that. You will hear more of me now, both here on the blog as well as on the show. But of course, this means I expect to hear more of you. So tell me what you think……

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"4" Comments

    I must say you both share a beautiful love story. I loved it when you said your “life was completely incomplete.” You are both such amazing young people, I am honored to call you friends.

    • Thanks Sherry. I really appreciate that. We have a really great story that gets better and better over time, and gets even better when we can share it with great people like you.

  2. Your account of our story is beautiful, love. HOWEVER, I might have slept better at night knowing you were so eagerly looking forward to my emails. You played “cool” very well. hee hee Oh well. I eventually learned of your affections. 🙂

    • It was what got me up in the morning to trek across the lonely, dark parking lot from my apartment to the empty building of the radio staiton every day at 5:15 to be there at 5:30. And I could never think of anything interesting to say, which is why you got recaps of shows you don’t give a crap about. Reading your emails was the highlight of my day. Now I get to see you everyday, so each day is even better.

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