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December 3, 2014 Blog

2148-jimi-hendrix-large Though he’s been deceased for over 40 years, few musicians claim the place in pop culture history and status of greatness that Jimi Hendrix does. His musical career was very short compared to others of this era, yet the revolutionary impact made on not only rock music but the guitar as an instrument is incomparable.

This transcendent icon is being examined even further by author Noe Gold in a new book Hendrix Now! Backstory of a Legend: A Visual Spiritual Odyssey. Gold’s history with Hendrix is vast, including serving as Editorial Director of the Hendrix estate and serving as the Creative Director for the Jimi Hendrix Foundation as well as being one of the founding editors of Guitar World. Writing about the fantastic prowess of Hendrix’ guitar skills has been a long time passion for Gold.

The book chronicles the life and back story of this music icon and includes interviews with Hendrix comrades, rare photos, and other material gathered by Gold. Behind the scenes stories add to the experience that Hendrix has provided for fans during his lifetime and following his untimely death. Including a forward by Leonard Nimoy, other contributors are guitarists Steve Vai, Lenny Kravitz, Eric Clapton, and excerpts from an interview with Stevie Ray Vaughn from 1987.

How can you plug in to Hendrix Now? Noe Gold and supporters are looking to fund this monumental project through a Kickstarter campaign. Hendrix’ legend lives through these amazing stories, but they need help in getting published. Show your support by helping them at Kickstarter.

A portion of contributions made to the project will go to the James Marshal Hendrix Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)3. And yes, like all crowdfunding campaigns, there are perks to giving your support including Tshirts, memorabilia and more.

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  1. Thank you for posting about my book, Hendrix Now! Backstory of a Legend.
    To “like” is nice (and easy). To pledge is divine (and shows real commitment… and some cool perks). Go to and spread the word, and please pass the info on to your friends and maybe, just maybe I will get a viral spin:
    The Kickstarter campaign was launched in advance of Jimi’s birthday AND Thanksgiving November 27 and it – and my book – is explained at the link below, there is also a video there that explains it even better.

    — Noe the G
    Founding Editor of Guitar World
    Creative Director of the Jimi Hendrix Foundation

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