10 Years Going Playlist

Graphic by Meg Patton
Graphic by Meg Patton
This week is very significant to me, in a personal way as my wife (the oft-mentioned Mrs. Smith) and I celebrate our 10th anniversary. It’s been filled with love, joy, adventure, and surprises. It’s also been filled with friends and family, sometimes friends who become like family. What I’ve curated for this week’s radio show is more than a celebration. It’s an experience in storytelling that I want to bring you into.

The 10 Years Going playlist is a soundtrack to a larger story, with pieces told in sequence that build on each other. The music selections come from a mix of songs we were listening to when we found each other, some of the songs who defined who we were at the time of our meeting, and songs that have grown with us over the past decade. It’s an origin story of love that leads to some interesting adventures, and includes some great indie musicians along the way who have become friends to both Mrs. Smith and I over the years.

I mention Mrs. Smith’s blog in the show, and unbeknownst to me, she told a story this week that is profound and beautiful. It pertains to how we got together, and the role that a classic road in London played in our connection. Read her story HERE.

Thank you for listening. We each have a soundtrack to the experiences of our lives. Feel free to share with me (and with all of us) some of the songs on your love story soundtrack.

Hour 1 Playlist
Lindsay Katt. “Heart Place (Instrumental)” Picking Out Boxes. Lindsay Katt, 2008. 01:00

Led Zeppelin. “Tangerine” Led Zeppelin III. Atlantic Recordings, 1990. 02:58
R.E.M.. “Strange Currencies” Monster. Warner Bros//Wea, 1994. 03:53

Cranberies. “Twenty One” No Need To Argue. Plain, 1994. 03:08
Alanis Morissette. “So Pure” Supposed Infatuatin Junkie. Maverkick/Warner, 1998. 02:48

Green Day. “Disappearing Boy” 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. Lookout Records, 1991. 02:50
No Motiv. “The Waiting Hurt” And The Sadness Prevails. Vagrant Records, 1999. 03:11
Dido. “Take My Hand (Bonus Track)” No Angel. Arista, 1999. 06:42

Aimee Mann. “Save Me” Magnolia: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack. Reprise, 1999. 04:34
Ray LaMontagne. “Shelter” Trouble. RCA, 2004. 04:34

Fiona Apple. “Slow Like Honey” Tidal. Work, 1995. 05:06
A Fine Frenzy. “You Picked Me” One Cell In The Sea. Virgin Records, 2007. 04:23

Adam Sandler. “Grow Old With You” The Wedding Singer Vol 2: Music From The Motion Picture. Maverick, 1998. 01:54
Johnny Cash. “Cause I Love You” Love. SBME SPECIAL MKTS., 2000. 01:47

Little & Ashley. “Stole My Heart” Stole My Heart-EP. Little & Ashley, 2010. 03:13
Trevor Hall. “31 Flavors” Trevor Hall. Vanguard Records, 2009. 04:05

Blindside. “About A Burning Fire” About A Burning Fire. Elektra Records, 2005. 01:30
Blindside. “Ask Me Now” The Great Depression. Elektra, 2008. 01:30

Hour 2 Playlist

Lindsay Katt. “Heart Place (Instrumental)” Picking Out Boxes. Lindsay Katt, 2008. 01:00
Damien Rice. “The Blower’s Daughter” O. Vector Recordings, 2003. 04:44
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs. “Run To Me” Under The Covers Vol 1. Shout Factory , 2006. 03:07

Iron & Wine and Calexico. “Sixteen Maybe Less” In The Reins. Overcoat, 2005. 04:49
Mana. “No ha parado de llover” MTV Unplugged. Warner Music Latina, 1999. 06:41

Kelley McRae. “Stay Close To Me” Easy on My Mind. Kelly McRae, 2015. 03:01
Elliot Park. “Say The Word” Flyboy. Elliott Park, 2010. 03:59
Susan Enan. “On Your Side” Plainsong. Feast Music, 2009. 04:16
William Fitzsimmons. “Passion Play (feat. Jake Long)” The Appetizer Exclusive Sessions at Flyboy. The Appetizer Enterprises LLC, 2012. 04:40

Lindsay Katt. “SHOUT” Happy Fits of Rage. Lindsay Katt, 2013. 03:27
Bruce Springsteen. “Save My Love” The Promise. Bruce Springsteen, 1977. 02:35

Rosi Golan. “Hazy (featuring Wiliam Fitzsimmons)” The Drifter and the Gypsy. Gypsy Betch, 2008. 03:56
Iron & Wine. “Joy” Ghost On Ghost. Nonesuch, 2013. 02:31

Ivan & Alyosha. “I Was Born To Love her” Fathers Be Kind-EP. Missing Piece Group, 2011. 04:17
Snow Patrol. “Run” Final Straw. A&M / Polydor / Fiction Records, 2004. 05:58

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