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Photo by Andrew Wilkenson
Photo by Andrew Wilkenson
Not so long ago, the only way to get new music was the local record store. If they didn’t have what you were looking for, tough luck – and that’s assuming you even managed to hear good music on the radio, which often had little more than classical music and top-of-the-chart pop. Before that, you’d just have to hope the local bar attracted some talented musicians.

Today, we have the opposite problem: total music saturation. Exceptional music doesn’t go unnoticed because it’s unavailable, but because a sea of the mediocre swamps it out. Even if you use a service like Spotify, you might not ever find truly great musical gems. You’ll usually end up with more of what you already have, which is a shame if you miss out on something you might have fallen in love with otherwise.

So how does The Appetizer Radio Show change the status quo? An art gallery would be a mess if every kids’ crayon doodling were pasted on the walls. Galleries need curators to be selective, and we at The Appetizer are like music curators. We go through that selection process to pick the finest tracks, whether they’re obscure or up-and-coming.

Now, you might not be able to have your own curated gallery at home, but what if you could have our service right in your pocket? This is where our new app comes in. We’re building it so that you can have access to a great playlist of sounds you’ve never heard before. More than that, it’s going to be a fantastic way for new musicians to reach people who would never hear them otherwise.

How can you help with that? For just a few dollars, you can contribute to our crowdfunder on Indiegogo. What’s more, we’ll give you some great gifts as our way of saying thanks! A cool sticker for your bumper, a new tote bag, or even an exclusive shirt proclaiming your support – all these are yours, and you won’t even have to pay much more than you would anywhere else. Plus, you’ll know the money’s going to a cause you can be proud of. The biggest donors can even snag some air time on our show, autographed goodies, and more!

Would you like to be a music curator? Connect with D Grant Smith and let us know what you want to bring to our table?


Check out our link on Indiegogo, and don’t forget to check in on our regular site for new programming and articles.


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