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If you want to get your music on our radio program and in front of D Grant, you need to listen to our show first. If you don’t know how we choose music, have never listened to an episode, or have not had any experience with this program, we’re not a good fit for you. There are countless shows and programs you can get on. If you have listened and want to be a part of our lineup you have 2 choices:

1. You can get your music directly in front of D Grant and skip to the head of the line by using our submission resource via Fluence. This option gives you a chance to get your song heard, feedback on the writing and production, and (potentially) your song shared with our social media followers if accepted.

You will notice that Fluence is not a free service for music submissions. Here’s why you should consider using it. It’s much more than a music submission portal:
With Fluence you get your music put directly in front of D Grant. You also get his honest feedback and the opportunity for a bigger connection. If he likes you’re music, he’ll recommend you to a host of other music curators and influencers. And he’ll also share your music to his digital audience. Plus, you may find your music featured on our radio show!

2. You can send a personalized email to D Grant Smith directly and ask for airplay consideration. However, if you don’t want him to send you back to this page to submit through the Fluence option, you need to be personal in your email, note why you think you’d be a good fit on our show and mention something you’ve heard us do that you enjoy.

It’s also important that you mention that you’ve already been to this submission page if you’re going to send an email to submit your music. Clear communication goes a long way.

Thanks for your interest in our show!

For more info on how to write an effective music submission to other radio stations, blogs, podcast hosts, and playlist makers, grab D Grant’s acclaimed book that covers the process here:

DGS_RadioHandbook_Cover-1A While we’ve been a giant resource for musicians through radio airplay for over 13 years, many great indie, public and community radio stations do what we do on a daily basis. Reaching them isn’t rocket science, but many artists (and promoters) go about contacting radio the wrong way. It’s one of the things D Grant has helped to change in his debut book The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook. Don’t send another spammy, blanket email. It will get trashed. Instead, discover the best way to get targeted radio airplay on stations who will support your music and your career.

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