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iron and wine

A Different Kind Of Independence Radio Special Playlist

Designed by Meg Patton 2015

Designed by Meg Patton 2015

America is the land of hope and dreams. Since our founding in 1776, we’ve changed the world through our innovations in industry, and movements of people doing remarkable things.

But we’re at a cross roads as a nation. In 2015, we’ve experienced tremendous loss at home, at the hands of our own countrymen. Some have chosen to rally against their own brethren, and division has spread. Others have taken up each others’ crosses to stand together.

What does any of this have to do with music?
Music is one powerful element that has united us as a people for centuries. American music has revolutionized the world, how musicians prosper, and how the arts make life better for people.

And music that carries a message has powerful implications.

That’s the heart of this Independence Day Radio Special. Not all of the musicians presented here are American, but their song fits into the theme in a perfect way. Hear this: there isn’t a Rah Rah America playlist here. Instead, it’s a very thoughtful, reflective outlook on who we are as a people, who we can be when we declare independence from hatred and become a nation that loves itself again. Love is what changes the world. But we have to start at home.

Your input is very important to me. After you listen to this musical experience, let me know what moved you, how it impacted you. Providing a powerful music experience is the mission of The Appetizer Radio Show. Music Discovery is great. Experience is essential. Enjoy!

Hour 1 Playlist
Death Cab For Cutie. “Transatlanticism” Transatlanticism. Barsuk Records, 2003. 01:15
Joshua James. “Lovers Without Love” The Sun Is Always Brighter. Intelligent Noise, 2008. 03:17

The White Buffalo. “Pray To You Now” Shaows, Grays, and evil Ways. Unison Music Group, 2013. 03:34
Dry The River. “Alarms In The Heart” Alarms in The Heart. Transgressive Records, 2014. 03:29

Lindsay Katt. “Not A Mistake” Happy Fits of Rage. Lindsay Katt, 2013. 03:21
Bell X1. “I’ll See your Heart And Raise You Mine” Music in Mouth. Universal Island Records, 2003. 05:09

Bee Gees. “World” The Ultimate Bee Gees. Barry gibb, 2009. 03:17
Brett Dennen. “Long Road to Forgiveness (featuring Jason Mraz)” Live Session (iTunes Exclusive). Dualtone, 2009. 04:24

K’naan. “With God On Our Side” Chimes Of Freedom: The Songs Of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years Of Amnesty International. Amnesty Records, 2012. 03:40
Iron and Wine. “Walking Far From Home” Kiss Each Other Clean. Warner Bros Records, 2011. 04:47

Brandi Carlile. “Rise Again” Beer Creek. Columbia Records, 2009. 04:11
The Wealthy West. “Give Me Resurrection” The Wealthy West. The Wealthy West, 2011. 03:07

Regina Spektor. “Man Of A Thousand Faces” Far. Sire Records, 2009. 03:12
Trevor Hall. “The Love Wouldn’t Die” Everything Everytime Everywhere. Vanguard Records, 2010. 05:19

Matt Morris. “Love” When Everything Breaks Open. Tennman/Interscope, 2010. 04:42
Ray Charles. “Amierca The Beautiful” Anthology. The Ray Charles Foundation, 1989. 03:36

Hour 2 Playlist

Death Cab For Cutie. “Transatlanticism” Transatlanticism. Barsuk Records, 2003. 01:15
Bruce Springsteen. “Land of Hope And Dreams” Wrecking Ball. Bruce Springsteen, 2013. 06:58

Trevor Hall. “Unity (Featuring Matisyahu” Trevor Hall. Vanguard Records, 2009. 03:41
Susan Enan. “We All Belong Here” Plainsong. Feast Music, 2009. 03:24

Dawes. “Love Is All I Am” North Hills. ATO Records, 2009. 05:16
William Fitzsimmons. “Find It In Me” Until When We Are Ghosts. Nettwerk Productions, 2010. 06:41

Fistful Of Mercy. “Restore Me” As I Call You Down. Universal Music, 2010. 05:08
Ben Harper. “I’ll Rise” Welcome To The Cruel World. Virgin Records, 1993. 06:17
Ruthie Foster. “Don’t Want To Know” Let It Burn. Blue Corn Music, 2012. 04:12

Iron and Wine. “Love Vigilantes” Around The Well. Sup Pop, 2009. 03:27
James Vincent McMorrow. “Hear The noise That Moves So Soft And Low” Early In The Morning. Vagrant Records, 2011. 04:00

P.O.D.. “Rise Against” When Angels & Serpents Dance. Sony, 2008. 04:48
Blindside. “Come Back To Life” Silience. Warner/Elektra/Atlantic Corp, 2002. 02:50
Pearl Jam. “The Fixer” Backspacer. Pearl Jam, 2009. 02:40

Character Songwriting Works Like A Best Selling Novel

Characters in songs are one of the ways that strong writers make their music more than just sound. A good instrumentalist adds to that through their skills, which is certainly appreciated from us as music lovers. Look back at some of the best all around songwriters. What was it that made you and I true fans? Often it’s more than a killer guitar lick, drum solo, or even a vocal part that seems mind-blowing to grasp.

Johnny+Cash When you get down to the core of what has made some artists really shine, and what can propel the next generation of songwriters, it’s great characters and stories. Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Pete Seeger, Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, and a slew of other folk and rock legends all built their careers around stories.Hendrix, Sinatra, Willie Nelson, BB King, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson and a seemingly endless list of other music icons did too. Just listen to the songs.

There are great instrumental and even graphic elements of songwriters forever stamped in the Best Of All-Time category, and there are novel or even literary comparisons that can be made to how the song pulls us into the storyline because of the characters involved.

We just see it a lot more often and a little easier in the folk and singer-songwriter realms than other genres, with a few exceptions. Blues, soul, and gospel are some of those exceptions. Recently I saw a performance by the very talented Ruthie Foster whose own incredible vocal range mixed with a killer drummer and bass player made for one hell of a show. But at the heart of her work were some of the most powerful storylines written. Go hear The Titanic for further proof.

I’m not trying to diminish or take away from powerful instrumentation, because those players and their skills are absolutely a part of a powerful listening experience. There’s no way to hear Bugs Henderson’s guitar work and not be floored at the talent and pulled into the experience. However, when you can add a John Grisham-esque storyline to it, you get what Springsteen has done for the past 40 years.

Which leads us back to the indie music realm, or more appropriately, the non-platinum recording artist world where true fans are looking for something passionate, original, and heart-felt to cling on to. We, as music lovers in this capacity, are drawn to songwriting at captures us in our hearts and souls, that sings to us our own stories or ones similarly enough that we understand ourselves better. A character that embodies the best of us in our aspirations and the worst of us in our actions.

I can honestly say that’s what has made Iron and Wine one of my favorite artists in recent years. His older work like Creek Drank The Cradle, The Shepherd’s Dog and even some of Kiss Each Other Clean plays out like a Cormac McCarthy novel. At times desolate and unnerving, at times hopeful, always engaging and intriguing.

What storylines and storytellers are you drawn to? Share the stories and songwriters you turn to with me and I’ll see about getting them on the radio show.

The 600th Special Episode Playlist

600Special-TARS That’s right, we’ve finally made it.
600 episodes of remarkable, one-of-a-kind radio. What this episode showcases is not just great music, that’s a given (if I do say so myself). Actually, one of the best things about our 12 year history and now 600th show is that we’ve been able to share the impact that great music has on each others’ lives.

So this week, it’s not just a collection of music that fits into a theme. Each of these songs comes with a story, many shared by listeners like you who told us of music that has a very special meaning in their worlds. I’ll share a few songs and stories of my own. And as an extra feature, I’ve got 2 special segments from a few producers and music connoisseurs who have produced something unique for us.


Song / Length / Artist / Album / Label / Year Released
Hour 1 Playlist

All My Favorite People 6:42 Over the Rhine The Long Surrender (Bonus Track Version) Great Speckled Dog 2011

Benediction 3:36 Joshua James Build Me This Intelligent Noise Records LLC 2009

Not To Blame 4:18 Joni Mitchell Turbulent Indigo Reprise Records 1994

Planets Of The Universe 4:46 Stevie Nicks Crystal Visions…The Very Best Of Stevie Nicks Reprise Records 2007

The Lime Tree 4:06 Trevor Hall The Rascals Have Returned – EP

Geffen Records 2006

Say You Want Me 3:53 Augustana Life Imitating Life Razor & Tie Recordings 2014

Don’t Think About Her When You’re Trying To Drive 4:33 Little Village Little Village Reprise Records 1992

Two Faces 3:03 Bruce Springsteen Tunnel Of Love Bruce Springsteen 1987

That Someone Is You 1:44 R.E.M. Collapse Into Now R.E.M. 2011

The Sparrow 3:25 Wendy Austyn The Sparrow EP Wendy Austyn 2010

Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies 4:50 Pete Seeger The Essential Pete Seeger Sony Records 1961 Contributed By Trae Doty

Bottle Of Tears 4:14 Elliott Park Fly Boy Elliott Park 2010

I Will Not Be Broken 5:04 Ben Harper Give Till It’s Gone Ben Harper 2011

Braille 4:56 Regina Spektor 11:11 Regina Spektor 2001

Hr 2 Playlist

Moon River 2:48 Elliott Park Fly Boy Elliott Park 2010

Blood and Bones (Acoustic Version) 2:47 William Fitzsimmons Gold in the Shadow Nettwerk Productions 2011

Standing In The Doorway 7:43 Bob Dylan Time Out Of Mind Sony Music 1997

Most Of The Time 5:30 Sophie Zelmani Masked & Anonymous Grateful Dead Productions 2003

My Love Hasn’t Grown Cold 6:23 Bethany Dillon Imagination Sparrow Records 2005

Kitchenware & Candybars 8:06 Stone Temple Pilots 12 Gracious Melodies Atlantic Recordings 1994

Decision of the Skies 4:26 Blues Traveler Bridge Interscope Geffen 2001

Social Work and Mysteries of the Great Beyond 1:02 Jeremy Strom Songs for Dave 2011

Headlong 5:21 The Frames For the Birds Overcoat Recordings 2001

Walking Far From Home 4:46 Iron & Wine Kiss Each Other Clean Warner Bros 2011

Metamorphos 8:15 Dave Holland Quintet Points Of View ECM 1998 contributed by Aaron Robison


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