2010 Bonnaroo Finale Wows With Paper Tongues

Our Bonnaroo updates have been provided by my good friend Daley Anderson. This time she gives a recap of the conclusion of the festival. Enjoy.

Saturday was definitely the best day of the festival. I started the day with Norah Jones. her voice is even richer in person. She had the entire crowd wrapped around her finger. I couldn’t watch it all though; her show was in the hottest part of the day with no free shade anywhere.

I took a break from Norah to check out some shops and things, then headed over to the Paper Tongues set. The band is pretty new, and the only song I know is their pop sounding Ride to California, but they played a ton of cool songs I’ve never heard. They were so humble and kept thanking the crowd, an even stayed around after to shake hands and take pictures with fans. I was so upset I’d left my camera at the camp site.

Next we caught the Dead Weather – Jack White of the White Stripes‘ newest band. They were good, but they don’t have that blues sound Jack’s other bands that i love so much, so I can’t help but compare. None the less, they’re a neat band.

We left the Dead Weather early to see Weezer, and I have to say I wasn’t entirely impressed. I absolutely love that band, and I guess my expectations were just so high I was bound to be let down. I felt like their music kept cutting in an out, and they didn’t do much to interact with the crowd.  However they did play lots of favorites – My Name Is Jonas, Buddy Holly, Sweater Song, etc. – so the crowd sang along nearly the entire time. They also covered Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and MGMT’s Kids. It was definitely Weezer, I just wonder if anyone else felt let down.

The headliner for Saturday was Jay-Z. He’s the biggest rap artist I’ve ever seen and I was pretty impressed, but dissapointed he chose to cut his set
short by 30 minutes. I guess when you’re Jay-Z you can do anything you want.

To finish the night we watched Deadmau5 (pronounced deadmouse) perform a techno set wearing a giant head shaped much like Mickey Mouse. We also saw the Disco Biscuits – another techno-esque band. Ive never listened to much techno, but Deadmau5 had an amazing light show and the Disco Biscuits really entertained the crowd.
Sunday was pretty slow. Ingrid Michaelson started the day and I almost skipped it to nap. Boy am I glad I didn’t. She is so entertaining. She sang
happy birthday to a four year old named Penny Lane, introduced us to her new song Parachute, sang a pop version of her popular song The Way I Am, and kept the crowd laughing with silly jokes. To close her set she covered Britney Spears’ Toxic.

The rest of the day we all rested at camp. At 7 we caught Phoenix – check out their song Falling, and finished the weekend with a jam packed crowd for
Dave Matthews. I’ve always been a fan but hearing him live is nothing like listening to his cd’s. I can’t even describe his live music except to say he’s an amazing musician and everyone should see him live. Bonnaroo closed out with fireworks and giant floating paper lanterns and we headed back to

It’s a bittersweet ending, of course. It feels nice to be in air conditioning, but I feel like if only I’d had just one more day…

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