Summer Time, Summer Time

If reading that puts the sounds of Aaron Neville in your mind, I apologize.  That’s not necessarily a voice everyone enjoys.

But it’s here, finally, the summer.  I know I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, or at least since it got ridiculously cold in November of last year.  There’s a few things I wait for with eager anticipation.  The start of the football season in the fall, any movie directed by Chris Nolan coming to theaters (especially Batman stuff), and the start of summer.  Among the many blessings of the summer, having a work place that is 3/4 of the year chalk-full of people running all over the place, summer allows for a break from that craziness with most of the students gone home.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike having students around.  Heck, I employee a number of them and I need them here for part of the summer.  But we all need a break from the quantity.

Being from Houston, I’m predisposed to heat tolerance.  The summer is a temperature threshold I can handle, actually one I prefer.  Except for the Ice Man that was featured on 20/20’s Superheroes special on Wednesday (go to  to check that out), you can’t swim in the other seasons of the year, or at least I can’t.  I love swimming.  Summer is the one time of year that you can swim everyday if you want to (barring bad weather).

Why am I saying all this?  Just to put it out there.  And there’s a few things I do on The Appetizer each year, that only happen in the summer time.  One of them is our Cover Song series.  This year we’re calling it Smothered And Covered.  We’ll kick that off next week.  More later on.

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