Discovering The Ting Tings

I’d heard of The Ting Tings and have listened to some random tracks from them off and on for a year or so, but I hadn’t delved into a full album until now. I picked up “We Started Nothing” just to see what it was like and I have to say I like it. For now, it’s been great work music at the office. There’s some tracks I’ll certainly feature in a future episode of The Appetizer. My brain isn’t letting me access the part of it that can describe music with clarity and rhetoric other than “this is nice and I like the way it sounds,” so for me to describe what I like about it or what stands out as sweetness is lost for now. But you know, maybe that’s the best way to describe something that’s cool, without having to be overly descriptive. But for the sake of argument I would suggest that if you haven’t checked out this group, surf over to and listen for yourself. It’s fun indie-pop-rock that’s good for anytime of day. My fave tracks from this album already are “Be The One,” “That’s Not My Name,” and “Traffic Light.” What are you favorite tracks?

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