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I watched a bit of Oprah the other day and they had the cast of The Sound Of Music on it, reunited to celebrate the big 40th Anniversary. I know, I know, why were you watching Oprah? Don’t you have a day job or at least 700 other things to do? The answer to both of those is yes. Actually I took off early to spend some time with my wife, which is what led to me seeing a bit of Oprah. Anyhow, they had several features on the filming of the scene containing “My Favorite Things.” The whole thing was pretty touching actually. But it made me start thinking more closely of some of my favorite things. So much that I might do a show or two on this subject, we’ll see. So here’s a list of a few of my favorite things, in no particular order (friends, family, and loved ones are not included in this list because they’re people and I’m not going to qualify my relationships, so don’t ask why my wife, parents, or friends are not #1-3).

Rachael Yamagata
Music is obviously one of my favorite things. It’s what I love best about my job and the main reason why I pursued this career. It would take WAAAAAAYYYYYYY too long to list off all my favorite bands or favorite songs. I can tell you what particular aspects draw me to certain bands or musicians. I love vocal range, especially the female vocal range. I am drawn to artists who can sing really well, but do so in an artistic and creative way, where they’re not just showing off how awesome they are. Maybe that’s one reason why I never liked Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey, who can both sing really well, but they over do it in my opinion. Some female singers that I can’t get enough of also play other instruments, like Rachael Yamagata, Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlile, and Rosi Golan. As I’ve said before, when a guy can with a great range, and go from screaming to beautiful vocals without taking a breath, I dig that. Blindside and Emery both pull that off. Other than vocals I really dig a great melody, a song that gets caught in my head and plays there all day, and is one that I discovered on my own or was introduced to by someone other than mainstream radio. Hearing music that’s somewhat secret or unknown is something I really like. At least as something that popular people aren’t into.

I love cartoons from the 90s, especially The Animaniacs. The whole idea of 3 Warner kid-dogs coming out of the Warner Bros. tower to annoy grownups is just a great idea. Plus they had some excellent songs like the countries of the world, which I’ll always love. From that show, Pinky & the Brain had a nice spin off, which still makes me laugh. And of course, Batman: The Animated Series, which is definitive in my book for the way some of Batman’s rogues should be portrayed. That version of Mr. Freeze should have been what Joel Schumacher aimed for when he made Batman & Robin the movie. Instead he shot for cheese and got more than any of us bargained for (I’m not going to say anymore about that because that film is one thing I HATE).

This brings me to the last thing I’ll mention, which is comics. I love comic books, always have. I guess it’s the characters that drew me to reading the books. I was obsessed with Christopher Reeve’s Superman as a kid. When I would get home from church on Sunday as a kid, I’d run into my room and put my Superman pajamas on underneath my dress clothes, then run into my parents room and rip open the dress shirt to reveal the red S underneath. I almost ripped the buttons off one time, which got me in trouble. I was way more careful after that. I still love Superman the character, but he really hasn’t been portrayed as well as he could in film, or cartoon, or comic really. As an adult, seeing a character with limitless possibilities and talents, I can envision him being not only super-powered, but super intelligent, and overcoming obstacles with his mind combined with his powers. But that road hasn’t been approached yet. I did love Superman: Birthright, which I strongly encourage even noncomic fans to check out. The combination of a great character with great story is why I still love Batman, and why Chris Nolan’s two Batman films are 2 of my all-time favorite films.

I will try to put more of this stuff together. One final note, going back to the subject of gathering something from Oprah, I’d encourage you all to check out this fabulous blog, Tales of A Clyde Woman, written by someone I’m quite close to, is one of the best written out there. It’s found here.

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