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I’ve mentioned this before on The Appetizer, but you can get some great music for FREE by just going to Amazon.com. Now, there’s a ton of free sampler cd compilations available, and depending on your musical tastes or preferences, it might take you a while to find what you’re looking for. So……I’ve spent a bit of time downloading some great music from a variety of different styles and I’ve put together some links for you to go to to pick this up. In downloading, you do have to have an Amazon account (which is free to have). You have a few choices in how you want to download stuff too. Some music is only available if you download the whole album. In that case, you have to first download the Amazon-mp3 Downloader application (which just downloads the mp3s to your harddrive as a whole album instead of the alternative). The alternative is that you download individual tracks, which your computer will ask you over and over again if you want to download it to your desktop for each song. I kind of prefer the mp3 downloader for this reason. You can scroll down and choose what category you’d like, or you can just go to one and scroll down below the download option and see the listings for other free samplers and music. This route will take you all over and create your own adventure, but not all of the music there is necessarily fantastic (in my opinion).

Some Great Free Singles:
Bruce Springsteen-City of Night
Paleo- King James Fakebook
Belleruche-3 Amp Fuse
Gossip Grows On Trees-Hollywood
Miike Snow-Animal

Folk/Acoustic Rock Compilations and Albums
Saddle Creek Sampler 2008-2009
Worn & Grazed-A Park The Van Sampler
Dan Mangan-Robots Vs. Indie Queens (*Appetizer pick*)
Experience Music-A Tunecore Music Sampler (*Appetizer Pick*)
Sarathan Records Sunset Sampler
Best Of Yep Roc Records
Benjy Davis-Paper Trails (*Appetizer Pick*)

Alternative Rock Albums and Compilations
Barsuk Records- A 2009 Amazon Digital Sampler
Digital Bang- A 2010 Sub Pop Sampler
Merge Records 2010 Digital Sampler
Viva and the Diva-Mary Magdalena
The Revere-Great City
Sargeant House Sampler (*Appetizer pick*)

Elemint-Born Fresh
A Taste Of Dopeness Compilation

Eitan Carmi-Deep Air

Family Reunion-Blue Colar King
Yarn-Hard Luck Man
Cory Morrow-Lonesome
Kristin Chambers (self-titled album)

The Americana Music Awards Sampler

Faryl Smith-River Of Light

Scandinavian Gold (*Appetizer pick*)
Open Remix
JDub Presents: Wild Peace

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