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I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of tired of all this election day stuff. I work in radio and it’s been all over the airwaves for about a year-plus about who’s going to win and what has to be done for one party to gain control and the other to keep control. That’s a lot of talk in one category. Thankfully, The Appetizer doesn’t do politics, it does music. So if you listen regularly, or even occasionally to the show, thank you. I hope you appreciate the break from political radio.

I wanted to just write a little bit about some random things in case you (like me) need a little break on election day from all the voting and results and political stuff. The elections are important and there will be good to come out of it. I do hope that whoever gets elected will do work to make the economy better and restore some lost hope. But we’ll have lots of time to think and talk about all that. For today……

How about Randy Moss getting dropped by 2 teams in a month? Yeah, let’s start with sports, why don’t we. On a side note, this has been the most jacked-up fantasy football season for me. My big players have spent the season either injured, recovering from injury, or not happy with their team. I had Vincent Jackson, the forlorn receiver from San Diego, Randy Moss, Donavan McNabb, Beanie Wells and Tony Gonzalez. Jackson has done nothing, which led me to drop him and pick up several receivers I’ve cut just trying to find someone with a few good numbers. Randy Moss had 1 good week in New England, 1 good week in Minnesota and now he’s got nothing. McNabb has a hard enough time winning a game, his stats are meager at best. I had Sam Bradford to start the season but he did so poorly early on that I had to drop him. Now he’s hot and is owned by someone else. Wells has been injured and recovering most of the season. Oh, I had Sidney Rice too when the season started. I didn’t know he would be unavailable until week 8. My bad. Needless to say that my record is 2-6 now. Moss was the one shining star on the team, and now what do I do with him?

It’s strange how the Randy Moss situation has a lot more relevance to our lives than we might think. I’m sure you’ve worked with some really talented people in your career. I have. I’ve worked and even trained some incredibly talented people at the radio station. But the thing about really talented people is sometimes they know how good they are. They’ve heard about how awesome they are and how far they’re going to go. Their kool-aid tastes really good. But the attitude sucks, and it turns quickly into something where the skills are there but that’s about it. There’s other people not quite as talented or naturally gifted that work twice as hard, have a better attitude and contribute to award winning work, a great work environment and other things. But they’re not credited individually for being an all-star in their job. They’re still apart of the team though, and it’s the team that wins the championships. This is Moss’ issue. He no doubt has the skills and talent. But his attitude is crap, and it’s become something that people are no longer willing to tolerate despite his talents. The kool-aid isn’t as tasty anymore. Hopefully it will change for Moss, he’ll get signed to a team that really needs a talented individual to bring some changes (the Buffalo Bills come to mind). But I hope his attitude changes too. I hope this is a learning experience for him and that history doesn’t repeat itself a third time next month. The last thing a team needs is another Terrell Owens. Dallas surely knows about having a squad of talent that are mostly divas, big salaries with little results. Moss should listen to those history teachers.

I had a fun time today to start the day as a group of elementary kids came and toured our station. They’re producing a radio show in their school that’s similar to From The Top, the public radio program that features young musicians (heard tonight at 9P on KACU). It was so interesting to talk to these 2nd and 4th grade kids. They were really interested in all the stuff my students and staff do and they had some great questions. I remember when I was in 2nd grade a radio station manager came to my class and talked to us. That planted a seed in me that carried through to my teenage years when I got my first radio job at KACC in Alvin, TX. Hopefully one of those little girls or boys will do the same thing. I know 3 of them asked what the youngest age you could be to work here and I told them post-highschool. I asked one kid if he wanted to start tomorrow. His eyes got really big and he smiled and said yes. Then another girl wanted to start too. It was great. I want to check out this show they’re doing. It sounds really interesting. When I find more info, I’ll present it here.

The Paramount Theater in downtown Abilene, Tx
I don’t think that voting has anything to do with a great event going on in Abilene this weekend, but there might be some audience participation involved. It’s the annual Short Film Festival this Friday and Saturday at the Historic Paramount Theater in downtown Abilene. I’ve been invited to attend as a special guest. It will be great. There will be short films from all over the world presented, some that are film festival winners from other countries. I don’t know what all kinds of films will be there but the showing times are Friday at 7P, Saturday at 2P and Saturday at 7P. The 2P showing on Saturday is more family friendly stuff, for those of you who might want to bring your kids. I’ll be there for the Friday night gig. I hope to see you there. More information on the film festival is available here.

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  • November 2, 2010 at 7:31 PM

    Your entry is ironic cuz I was going to bring you some “election” cookies just like the ones in the picture. Lindsi made them and I was so excited to bring them home so that you could eat a little red white and blue elephant. but….if you are sick of election stuff…


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