Carrying On With Favorites

Again it’s not just the songs, it’s the artists behind them.  So with that in mind, the selection continues…..

Chris Cornell

His voice is pretty remarkable, and given the genre of music he started in, it’s hard to compete with a wailing tenor that has a slight screech in it.  Even in his collaboration with members of Pearl Jam during the tenure of Temple of the Dog (when he sang along with Eddie Vedder), it was a great mix.  I thought the overall songwriting of his improved with Audioslave as more of the songs gelled together than his stuff with Soundgarden.  There were great tracks with Soundgarden, but the whole albums weren’t as solid because he was doing a lot of experimental work with melodies and harmonies that didn’t always work too well.  If you ever got a chance to hear his solo or acoustic work, you were blessed with a real treat.  He also did the theme for the James Bond movie Casino Royale, which is called You Know My Name.  Other great songs from Cornell include Like A Stone (Audioslave), Be Yourself, Dandelion, Carry On (solo), Pretty Noose (Soundgarden), The Day I Tried To Live (my favorite Soundgarden track), and especially his cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.  I think he’s doing solo work now since Audioslave brought back Zach de la Rocha.  Be on the lookout for some new stuff in the near future.

Weird Al Yankovic

Simply put: he’s the best parody artist out there.  He started a parody movement that you can check out with songs on the Funny Music Project (The FUMP, available in something like 17 volumes on i-Tunes).  He has more albums than you can shake a stick at making fun of not just individual songs or artists, but also things within our society that are worth laughing at.  It’s also his brilliance in taking pop tracks and transforming them into something other, something different and yet easy to associate with the original.  My favorite Weird Al songs are numerous, but I’ll list off a few of the ones I’ve been listening to lately: Amish Paradise (parody of Gangster’s Paradise), Whatever You Like (parody of the same title song by TI), Hardware Store, A Complicated Song (parody of Avril Lavigne), Pancreas, Trapped In The Drive Thru, Don’t Download This Song, My Bologna (parody of My Sharona), Fat (parody of Bad), and a million others.  Tell me, what are some of  your favorite Weird Al songs?

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