Happy Halloween Without Costumes

When Halloween is on Sunday, it makes for an interesting day. While some people have a problem with Halloween for the ghosts and ghoulish things that are promoted through costumes and media and movies and so forth, I really don’t have a problem with it. I’m also not one who goes to haunted houses or scary movies out of a desire for entertainment. I don’t do that stuff because it freaks me out and I don’t enjoy being freaked out. But I do like the opportunity to dress up in costumes and eat candy, even give other people who have better costumes than I some candy from my front door. What’s wrong with that?

This year, I went without the costume and actually didn’t dress up at all. My wife and I joked about dressing up as Juan Williams and Vivian Schiller, appropriately. She would have been Juan and I would have been Vivian, because she’s darker complected and apparently Schiller and I have the same haircut. I didn’t mind the joke. But we ended up not doing it. Instead, we worked on our house this weekend, went to church and had some friends over for pizza and football. Now, I had some candy in case people came by but no one did. Bummer.

Oh well, the night game on NBC was between the Steelers and the Saints. The cameraman kept panning around the stadium to showcase the great costumes people came in. It got me thinking that a football game is probably the one place (other than a masquerade ball) where you can wear a costume and not be sneered at or considered a weirdo. Most fanatic fans show up to football games in some kind of costume anyways, so Halloween is not really a reason to go all out. Anyhow, I loved getting to see the costumes on TV. I also loved watching the Steelers lose. The only thing Pittsburgh has that I like is a good defense. But that’s where the line ends. I think the only player they have that I don’t dislike in some form is Troy Palamalu (forgive the spelling or mispelling). And without describing how the Steelers were handed a SuperBowl trophy against the Seahawks a few years ago thanks to the refs, the Steelers are a squad full of guys dirtier than Al Capone’s fraternity house. So watching them get rolled over by the Saints was a great way to end the day.

Before that, I watched another hyped team lose: The Dallas Cowboys. I gotta finally be honest, I hate the Cowboys. I have lots of friends that love them and I’ve been a bit vague with them on how I feel about the ‘boys. They were good in the 90s, I like Emmitt Smith and the crew that won a few Bowl rings, and Roger Staubach was a great QB and is a great businessman. That’s about it for happy feelings for me.

I really don’t like them, I don’t like how Jerry Jones tried to serve as owner, manager, coach, pep-talker, demigod and everything else. Tony Romo isn’t a great QB, he’s an opportunist, who got to where he is because Drew Bledsoe couldn’t repeat his success from New England when he came to Texas. Romo probably would be a #2 backup on any other team in the NFL in any other generation of QBs. But since QBs these days aren’t that great, he’s a starter. I’m a huge critic of Jay Cutler, but I think I’d take him over Romo. It’d be a close debate, but I know what I’ll get with Cutler, not with Romo. And just like in Chicago, Dallas should have started their #3 QB yesterday instead of #2 Jon Kitna. Although 3 of his interceptions were his receivers fault, he lacks the depth and decision making to lead his team to victory. It was a repeat of Chicago’s game where Todd Colins throws 4 picks and the bears get by on their running game alone, and the help of the defense, except that Dallas’ over-hyped conglomerate of all-stars can’t even do that. Their defense made the Jaguars offense look awesome, David Garrard having a career day. So needless to say that I watched the game because it was the only football on TV that I get and that the Cowboys were getting their butts handed to them.

Also, the Bears didn’t play which was good because that meant I couldn’t be upset at poor coaching, Cutler throwing the ball to the other team, or the other handful of reasons the team has gone from 4-1 to 4-3 in subsequent weeks. My fantasy lineup continues to bomb, but that’s alright. The college teams I love all won. The IronBowl this year (which for those of you who don’t know is Bama vs. Auburn) could determine who plays for the national championship. That setup hasn’t happened in a long time. And again, Mississippi State keeps winning and is now ranked in the top 25 on the BCS. I don’t remember the last time that’s happened. That will setup a fun weekend around Thanksgiving when I go home and watch football with the family (who are on the MS State side). Maybe I can wear a costume, which would add some fun at least for me, regardless of whether my team wins or not.

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One thought on “Happy Halloween Without Costumes

  • November 4, 2010 at 3:29 AM

    There are several ways to celebrate Halloween. In the end, everything will be OK. 🙂


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