Surprises At Every Corner

My wife’s birthday was a few days ago and I concocted an elaborate surprise for her that included a book compiled from messages from friends, a surprise group of friends meeting us for dinner and a surprise group of friends waiting for us at home. I’m not good at keeping surprises and secrets. It was really hard for me to keep this all underwraps for such a long time. But I did it and it worked.

I love being surprised by gifts and good things. Who doesn’t. But often times we don’t receive surprises like that. We get surprised with bad news, something didn’t work out the way we hoped, or that thing that was going to happen today doesn’t and we’re left scratching our heads wondering what we did wrong. But just like good surprises, the bad ones aren’t necessarily our fault, or something we did or didn’t do. Instead it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

With Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) presenting him the 2009 Golden Fork for Best Song
One surprise that’s coming up is something I do with The Appetizer that involves awards, a ballot that anyone can enter, and a Golden Fork. Thanks to my friend and musician Elliott Park, I’ll present a few selected musicians with this prestigious award early in the new year 2011. I’m putting together the nominees right now. I’m really excited about it, and I look forward to the surprise that will come when we compile the ballots and discover the winners. And I’m even more excited about presenting the winners with their award. That’s always a cool thing. Here’s some pictures of last year’s winners. More info to come soon and I’ll tell you where to go vote.

With Brandon and Justin of The Rocketboys, presenting their 2009 Golden Fork

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