Post Christmas Wrapup

Well I hope you all made out like bandits on the Christmas gifting. I did well, if I must say. Much thanks to all the friends and family who have shared in the gift giving with my wife and I this year. We love you and appreciate you very much!!!

It was kind of strange to have Christmas Day on a Saturday, I have to admit. For some reason it just feels odd that the day itself is at the end of the week and not the middle. Perhaps it’s because it usually is in the middle of the week, and I’m used to that. For whatever reason, it was good.

I saw part of the Grinch movie from a few years ago with Jim Carrey. Wow, so glad I missed that in theaters. I think we were watching it on AMC or TBS or something and they prefaced the live action movie with the historic Dr. Seuss cartoon. The cartoon was different than what I remember as well, but it flowed nicely and the pieces of the story fit so well with the music and the art (and the voice actors were nice as well). Contrast that with the Carrey film, where there was so much time spent in Whoville with the Whos, who now have names and careers and all kinds of stuff, the Grinch dresses as a Who to figure out how to mess up Christmas and all because he doesn’t like being pranked by teenagers. This could have been a 3rd sequel to Grumpy Old Men. We couldn’t take more than 30 minutes of it so I relocated to a different room and played Halo. That was much more satisfying.

I was blessed to get to provide the Christmas background music for Christmas day. Fortunately I had my iPod and basically shared with the extended family the music of The Appetizer over the past few weeks (Merry Feast hour 1 and 2 as well as the Christmas special). Some of my teenage nieces and nephews hadn’t heard that music before. It’s always good sharing new music with a younger audience.

Johnny Knox had 2 TDs versus the Jets
´╗┐And then there was the fun of football yesterday. Due to the time difference I didn't get to see my Chicago Bears in action, BUT, I do have this app on my phone that gives me Play-By-Play action, so I followed it that way. I didn't get to hear Mike & Mike this morning on ESPN radio. I was curious as to whether Mike Greenie would ever say that the Bears are for real, because he's said they aren't all season and they beat his beloved Jets yesterday. And I have to admit that I've been pretty skeptical of Chris Harris this year. The Bears keep putting in Major Wright at safety and supplanting Manning to somewhere else. I'm not a fan of that. But Harris' big interception at the end of the game was perfect, and sealed the win for the Monsters of Midway.

Though I can't say I'd like to see the Packers in the postseason, they played one heckuva game yesterday against the Giants. Manning was embarrassed time and time again, and both Driver and Jennings made some of the best catches of the season (namely that one hand grab by Driver in the 4th quarter). Watching the game with my uncle Jerry, we both commented on how the Giants were unstoppable early this year and they've changed so much as the season progressed. They were the team to beat in October. Now they're embarassing. It will be interesting to see them in the postseason.

We were going to watch the late game but it snowed out. That was some INTENSE weather there. I'm glad it's not my job to play sports in that kind of inclement weather. It takes a different kind of person to perform in those extreme conditions. But at least there will be network NFL on Tuesday now.

One final football note, my fellow ACU alumini Johnny Knox had 2 TD catches yesterday for Chicago, and fellow graduate Bernard Scott scored his first rushing TD of the season against the Chargers in a big upset over the favored San Diego club. What happened here? The Chargers were hailed as the team to beat, a team that gets better and better as the season goes on and they lost to a struggling Bengals team that was minus its 2 big receivers. Or maybe it’s more like the Bengals do better without the TO-Ocho show than they do with them. Cut both of them, let Jordan Shippley get more touches and see what happens when you rush Scott first and Benson second and maybe there will be more wins in the column than losses. But that’s just what I think.

More music related posts this week as we wind down.

Oh, and if you’d like to hear an interview I did with Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton of NPR’s All Songs Considered, tune in (or listen online at today from 2-4PM CST to 89.7 KACU for a preview hearing of The Appetizer’s Best of 2010 show that will air across the state the first 2 weeks of January.

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