After the Weekend

I hope you all had a great weekend. It was cold here in West Texas, but that’s usual. Though it was tough watching my Chicago Bears lose yesterday, I thought they played their hearts out in a great game. And say what you will about the QBs for Chicago, but Caleb Hanie is my pick for the starter. He played with fire in his chest and never stopped fighting, even trying to tackle and strip a 300 lbs guy after getting picked off. That’s fire I can believe in.

Speaking of fire, it has such amazing color. Every now and then I get struck with the beauty of some things that we habitually overlook or don’t pay much attention to. Color is one of them. Think about it for a second. What if there was only Black and grey? Or only grey and white? Or just grey in different shades? We’d probably just appreciate the wonder of shade (which is a pretty cool thing if you think about it). But take this grey vision of life and add just one color, say red, to it. Suddenly red looks a lot different.

It’s like that style of photography that’s shot in Black and White but one element of the photo is given color and therefore emphasized over everything. There’s still beauty visible in the other elements of the picture, but that one piece that has color is paramount to everything else. That’s a big deal. I was listening to a great talk yesterday and it got me thinking about and appreciating color so much more. But the thought didn’t end at the love and appreciation for color, but led into a love and appreciation for flavors in food, applying the same reasoning as before with color (if there were only one flavor or one taste and you added salt or lime to it, how great a difference that would make everything you ate).

Taking it a step further into music with the various flavors and styles there (horns, strings, drums, vocals, keys + rock, folk, jazz, blues, Latin, African, pop, alternative, etc). How much color is in our world that we don’t pay much attention to on a regular basis is something I want to amend, at least for myself. I want to be more appreciative of the color that’s surrounding everything we have in life, from actual color to flavor, to music, to food to friends, to family to everything. It’s a wonderful thing and worth celebrating, which is what we do each week on The Appetizer. I have some more great flavors of music and some new and undiscovered artists to introduce you to this week. Stay tuned.

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