Discovering Geographer

I owe a lot to you, readers and friends, and family. It’s great to have a mailbox full of new music from people I know and those I don’t. It’s great getting messages about new artists, or especially acts that have been out a while but I’m not familiar with. And I appreciate those messages. So thanks to all of you for sharing. Chefs are constantly picking up new recipes, learning about new seasonings and then incorporating those things into their cuisine.

Such is the case with Geographer. I was vaguely familiar with this indie rock/dance band out of San Francisco. My sister really impressed me to look at them more closely. I understand why now. Sometimes the best place to hear new bands is at a show. That’s how I discovered the punk rock band No Motiv in 1998. I went to a show in Houston to see MxPx, one of my favorite acts at the time. I’d never heard of No Motiv and didn’t really even know that they were on the bill. A friend of mine happened to be there and I was surprised to see him because I knew he didn’t like MxPx. He said he was there to see the opening act and would probably bail when their set was done. So this act gets on stage, their presence is amazing and everyone in the venue is glued to what’s going on with them. Before they finished their set, we rushed to go by their cd before they ran out. The album, The Sadness Prevails, is one of the best indie punk offerings of the 90s. Check it out here.

My sister went to go see the rock band Stars. Opening for them was this great act called Geographer. Since then, she’s been dining and dancing to these guys’ music. And she can’t help but tell others about it. That’s the power of great music. What are you going to do when you go to a restaurant and everything you eat tastes fabulous? You’re going to tell everyone to go there because your experience was so great. If the bread is okay but the sauce is good, you might make note of that but otherwise the whole experience shapes how you become a fan that creates other fans. That’s the power of music, and the mission of what I do on The Appetizer.

That’s why your input is so important. New music, or something that’s been out a while but you haven’t heard with us, we need to know about. Fans create other fans. Great music promotes great fans. Let’s help not just the artists themselves, but the music community we are all apart of. Please keep those comments and emails coming. We all appreciate it.

And check out Geographer. Their music can be heard here.

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One thought on “Discovering Geographer

  • January 12, 2011 at 7:05 PM

    aww thanks for writing about them. if it weren’t for michael i’d never heard of them or a bunch of other cool bands i now love. Hope everyone likes them!!!


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