We Know, But We Don’t

Nolan Ryan
About 13 years ago I worked for a community college radio station in Alvin, Tx. Alvin is the home of Texas Rangers Hall-Of-Fame pitcher and now team co-owner Nolan Ryan. That’s about all the town has going for it, other than the community college and the great station there. 89.7 KACC is a classic/modern rock station that serves as a training ground for several students and cultivates the creativity and talent of those who get to be a part of it. I was one of those individuals, even though I never attending school there.

They really hooked me up in that I was a high school student who just wanted some radio experience. They gave it to me. All I had to do was drive 45 minutes down the road 1-2 times a week and learn new things. I lived in a town a ways off from Alvin, but the drive was worth the experience. I made some great friends there and learned the basics of radio. On top of that, I got much needed and coveted experience, experience that would take me to my next destination-Abilene.

William Fitzsimmons
It really was having those 2 plus years experience not just being on-air, but also knowing the operations system and the business of radio that landed me a job at 89.7 KACU (ironic isn’t it). When I later went back and listened to my aircheck tape, I sounded horrible. There’s no way my boss hired me based on my “talent.” Fortunately, working as a college student at KACU improved the skills (or lack of) along with the experience and took me places. It took me to a point of wanting to create something new, which led to the birth of The Appetizer, which led to collaborations and great conversations with indie artists like Ingrid Michaelson, William Fitzsimmons, Lindsay Katt, and many others. That led to syndication in other Texas cities and people around the country (and in 2 other countries) listening and following the show. That led to collaborations with individuals in my city of Abilene that foster and promote art and music in a variety of ways. That leads to………..who knows, but something.

Opportunity always leads somewhere. We know this. But we don’t. This is why we take advantage of opportunity sometimes, and not others. Not every opportunity is worth going after or worth taking. But sometimes when it knocks, it needs to be answered just to see what it could offer. Because looking back 12 years ago, if I hadn’t taken a chance and driven 45 minutes out of my way to a place I didn’t know anything about, I honestly can’t say I would be where I am right now, doing what I do, having accomplished a lot of dreams already, and fulfilling the roles that I both love and live for. That’s something worth thinking about. If an opportunity is knocking on your door, answer it. You never know where it might lead you.

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