I never understood personal days off. I’ve heard people say they’re taking a personal day away from the office but I always thought that was another was of saying they’re taking a vacation, but they’re not leaving home. It’s interesting what experience will do for you. Experience teaches you things that books and people don’t and sometimes can’t.

Some of you might not know about the crazy trip my wife and I had last week. I’m not going to say any more about it except that it caused a lot of stress. The stress carried on after we got home and our house was frozen and finding solutions to cold took a toll on me. Returning to work was nice, except I brought the subconscious stress with me and recalling the stories to my colleagues and employees amplified the tension because I mentally faced those challenges all over again. Then I had a pretty difficult time on the phone with a listener who on one hand accused us of being offensive and then on the other hand said some of the most offensive things to me, insulting me with his rhetoric. I called him out on it and he back tracked, but the words were pretty hurtful and I carried the tension of that call around most of the day. That was my fault. I should have let it go and moved on with the fact that some people talk out of both sides of their mouths and are just hosers. Sorry, that’s something I picked up from a friend from Vermont (the term “hoser”). But that conversation plagued me all day and dictated how I was the rest of the day: tense and ticked off. I was also trying to get over a pretty serious cold. So when all this stuff combined I determined that I needed to detox and take a day off to just veg and not stress or think about anything. So that’s what a personal day is?!?

So that’s why you haven’t seen a post up in a few days. I desperately had to clear my head and get a breather from the crap of life. Today I’m back and feel much better. I can handle people better. I don’t have a problem with people, actually I love people. I have a problem when being stressed out on a number of fronts and then being verbally insulted by someone that doesn’t know me, what I do, or how much I give to others. But I do need to learn how to deal with those negative feelings better than letting them control my attitude.

I guess experience taught me 2 things. A personal day is a vacation where you don’t leave town but it’s also a necessity when the lemons of life won’t let you make lemonade, or at least not as quickly as you’d prefer. And second, you don’t have to allow one person’s negative attitude and words have control over your outlook on the day or yourself. Even if you’re stressed, you can let it go.

Kelly McRae
Music helps me let go. Maybe that’s why Iron & Wine’s Kiss Each Other Clean is playing so much on my iPod. It’s such a mellow album. His voice, his stories and the way they’re crafted do so much to calm me down. The same can be said for Kelley McRae. If you haven’t heard her Highrises in Brooklyn album, I’ve got 2 cuts coming up this weekend on The Appetizer.

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4 thoughts on “Detox

  • February 10, 2011 at 9:34 PM

    So true!! Well put about life not allowing you to make lemonade some days. Glad you had a day to rest. Glad that staying inside all day didn’t drive you batty.
    Glad you are my husband.:)

  • February 11, 2011 at 1:06 PM

    Stress can cause so many physical and emotion issues that it is hard to function well when the stress is extreme. I am glad that you took some time to de-stress and de-tox. Being away from the stressors is the medicine we need sometimes to get back on track. Glad you are feeling better.

  • February 11, 2011 at 6:57 PM

    I’m sorry the stress was so relentless — but am very glad you know now what a day off to recharge can do and why it is utterly essential.

    This culture and economy push people to treat their bodies and spirits with industrial disdain — until they literally break down. Not healthy. Not smart, just the popular and cool model of behavior, so even harder to stay home and CHILL out.


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