Power Of First Impressions

We all probably hate to admit it but the first impression we get from people set our attitude toward them, or at least how we approach them until we get to know them better. Once more time is spent, that initial attitude or feeling might change. But the first impression can determine a lot about how we respond, approach, choose to work or not work with people.

Napolean Dynamite left a big first impression with many people
The first impression plays out in other aspects of our lives and decisions too. Think about restaurants. If you go to a place you’d never been before and you have to wait forever to get seated or once you are seated, your waiter or waitress takes forever to get to you, never refills your drinks or seems too much in their own world to serve you, you might not go back to that restaurant for a long time, if ever.

When we listen to music, the same rules apply. At least they do now because we can access anything on the Internet. ITunes lets us now listen to more than 30 seconds of a song (1 minute and 30 seconds) before we decide to buy. But that’s still a small amount of time before committing to buy a track or an album. That first impression we get of the song in that minute and a half are the basis for whether we’ll not only spend money but commit to the band. For me, that first impression might determine whether or not I play them on The Appetizer. It’s a big deal. It’s a small amount of time to make an impression in the first place. But that first impression could lead to a lot of listening. It could lead to me going somewhere else and forgetting if I ever heard them again (depending of course; hopefully I’m not that vain).

Presentation plays a big part of the impression too. When you meet someone for the first time, usually they’re pretty well put together. They aren’t dressed like they just rolled out of bed or the like. There are exceptions, but usually a first meeting has people prepared for that introduction to the relationship, however short or long it might be. When we were in school we present our projects, assignments and work to our teacher or professor that reflects our level of work ethic and excellence, because the impression that teacher has of our work will affect our grade and our semester. That carries into the work force, the projects or work we do. We do it to be the best at what we do, but also so that the impression we leave will be positive.

I’ve been thinking a lot about impressions because I’ve been listening to a ton of music lately and there’s some great emerging acts that are leaving very positive impressions on people. They’re leaving positive first impressions on me. And I’m going to show them off to listeners next week. I’m talking about emerging/unknown acts like The Civil Wars, Jesse Thomas, Joan As Policewoman, Andrew Belle and a lot more. Their work and their art is worth checking out. You only have to hear a small nibble of their music to be into it. That’s a powerful first impression.

There’s some people who’ve helped me have a great first impression. Our website looks amazing. Trust me, that didn’t come from me, I can’t do web design like that. I can sort of put together tables in HTML but that’s about it. The skilled and talented individuals at D Davis Design did it all. And they do so much more than just design. They’ll get your art, work, company or product out to the masses. Check them out and see how they can create a first impression for you that no one will forget.

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