Why The Undiscovered Is Such a BIG Deal

It really just hit me, and maybe that’s my bad. For some reason I’m really big on undiscovered, unknown musicians and artists out there crafting music that most people don’t know. When I was a teenager, I liked unknown stuff because I didn’t want to follow along with what everyone else liked. I didn’t like the popular music because everyone did, and the fact that the masses were fawning over something just turned me off. I wanted to listen to something not too many people knew about. It seemed more special, pure, and undefiled. It was. But there was another, larger reason that would elude me until today.

There’s something about working hard at something for a long time, especially if it’s something you built from scratch. Usually that’s a private and personal endeavor, but it’s something very special to you because of the time, energy, effort, concentration, passion, and work put into it. Over time it grows and matures and becomes better than when you first started. Over more time pockets of people start learning of your project or endeavor and they’re interested and captured by it too. You don’t think that it’s something for the whole world, although the whole world could certainly benefit from it. But the whole world isn’t your target. Instead you’re crafting something for a particular group of people and you’re thrilled to connect with them when you get the chance. At the same time, there’s a part of you that wishes that some of the people you know and work with recognized the value of what you’re doing, the significance it makes, and the grandness of it. But these people ignore you, your work, and the gold it is. It will take the world discovering your work’s greatness before they’ll talk to you. You’ll have to make the covers of magazines and daytime TV interviews before they’ll notice your work exists. You’ll have to be popular to get on their radar. You don’t want to have those feelings and you wish that what they think of you didn’t matter in your world but for some reason it does. And because you’re not one that they esteem, that weighs on you.

So you choose to celebrate the other undiscovered craftsman, artisans, talents and individuals you see and encounter around you because maybe their story is similar to yours. Maybe they’ve been hard at their craft for such a long time, or even a short time hoping to make a difference in someone’s life. Maybe they want to connect with people the same way you do. Maybe they’ve been overlooked by those around them that should celebrate them and instead look the other way, looking for some other kind of treasure because their coffers can’t handle true worth. And maybe you discovering their greatness is an answered prayer that gets answered again and again every time you share the knowledge of their gold to others.

I know that’s probably deeper than need be but that’s what I felt today. I can talk more later in you’d like. I do love undiscovered and unknown musicians. You can hear some of them this weekend including Christa Black, Kelley McRae, Trevor Hall, Hungry Mother, Ivan & Alyosha, Lisa Hannigan, and a whole lot more.

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