Eddie Money’s Dream-Come-True

My wife and I were watching TV tonight and we saw this movie trailer for a new film starring Topher Grace and Anna Ferris called “Take Me Home Tonight.” There’s also a girl in the trailer that looks identical to Anna Kendrick from Twilight, but apparently is a different person (according to IMDB). Aside from sharing the title to an old Eddie Money song, the trailer also features the tune. From what I can tell by the 30 second preview on TV, the movie is pretty lame. Something about Topher fooling an old crush into liking him at a party that involves a stolen car and a lot of lies. Yeah that’s not a film guaranteed to sell.

Hey ladies, remember when this was the face of a rock star?
But when the commercial was over, we both looked at each other and frowned. Obviously we’re not the target audience. I’m not really sure who that target audience is, but that’s not what went through my head. I thought, “Did Eddie Money in his wildest dreams in the 1980s ever hope that he would write a song that would either be the basis for a movie, be the theme for a movie, or share the title with a movie in 2011?” Probably not.

Aside from that, did the producers ever consider another ’80s hit to base a movie on? What about that. Did the producers/director lose a bet and the consequences were that they had to make a movie that involved a random old rock star and it couldn’t be Axl Rose? I mention Rose because I can assume that the video for November Rain has more drama and a better story than this up-coming film. If I end up being wrong, please let me know. I say that to people who might see Take Me Home Tonight because I won’t. Sorry.

Did producers ever consider any (and I mean any) track from the king of pop Michael Jackson? I can imagine a compelling and gritty drama that would leave audiences in tears based on and named after Billie Jean. Yes, he’ll claim the girl that sleeps around and is a bit crazy, but the kid he won’t claim as his own. That would make a pretty great drama. What about Smooth Criminal? Everyone’s seen the video from Moonwalker for Smooth Criminal. The dance moves alone sell it for me. But the story in the song is so compelling. Listen to it and see what you think.

A modern day Meat Loaf, who stranglely resembles Rush Limbaugh
But everyone is familiar with the icon of Michael Jackson. What about a lesser known rocker, like Meat Loaf? Bat Outta Hell wasn’t the most compelling album, but I’ll Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) was the basis for a McDonald’s ad campaign. He will be a contestant in the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice, so maybe that was the consolation prize.

It’s got me thinking about other 80’s rock stars who were really famous 20-something years ago that most people don’t know anything about or don’t remember, and if they had music that could one-day be a major motion picture, the story for a movie, or the song that a movie is named after. If you have any ideas, I’m open to them.

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  • March 2, 2011 at 5:00 AM

    Oops, I was logged on to Dave’s page when I “liked” this post. My husband is not conceited. But he should like his own post. It’s hilarious.:)


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