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Wow, what an interesting weekend. I don’t know about you, but I had a great time and it all had to do with getting to meet new people and hear some really interesting stories.

That’s one of the things I like best about my job, getting to meet new people. Usually in that process, I make friends who I continue getting to know better as time goes by. And in that process, I have been blessed to get to hear some amazing stories and learn all sorts of things. It’s really cool.

That’s one thing I’m really looking forward to about next weekend. I’ll be joining The Paramount Theater in Abilene and KACU (the radio station I manage) in bringing indie singer-songwriter William Fitzsimmons to town. I’ve know William for a few years and in our conversations I learn so much stuff. It’s really fascinating. I’ll get another chance to hear some of his great stories and get insights into his new writing (his new album comes out later this month) when I get a sit down interview time the day before the show. It will be a great time.

I have to admit that there’s a lot of stuff going on with the music side of things that has kept my attention and focus away from some other big news items. I have been following the events transpiring in Tunesia, Egypt and Libya. That’s a lot of transition that won’t be figured out over night. It’s led me to think about a lot of things differently, in particular the power of the protest. As Americans, we understand the protest, it’s something we based our founding on. But our founders had a form of representative government with Parliament when they crafted the 3 part-government (executive, legislative, judicial). What about the people in the Egypt and Libya? They’ve had dictators and rulers for thousands of years. The protest is a powerful instrument of change but they don’t have the infrastructure or history to facilitate the democracy that they see in Europe of America. They saw the power of the protest in our country with the elections of last year, but look at what the power of the protest is doing in Wisconsin. They know how to disagree but not come together and work out the differences for the betterment of the people.

These are the big-picture things I’ve been looking at beyond music. But I totally missed all of the Oscars. I did not see The King’s Speech, so it would be wrong to comment on whether it deserved all the wins it made. I did, however, see Inception. I’m curious as to why Christopher Nolan keeps getting gipped on even best director nominations. Think about his movies. Have you seen a mediocre one? Have you seen one that didn’t move you? All of his movies are not only well written and well produced, they’re pretty amazing films. While it was cool that Inception got a few technical wins, it deserved at least a best director nomination. But that’s my two cents.

For those who got a chance to hear some amazing up-and-coming artists on last week’s show, I put this week’s show together today and it’s got another amazing lineup of people you know and some you’ve never heard of. But more on that coming up later this week.

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