Music-Therapy for the Mind and Soul

Wow, it’s been an insane week. Has it been that way for you?

At the radio station we’re trying to raise money, and since we’re a nonprofit organization that’s much harder to do than it is to say. So, I’ve spent the week running around town doing all sorts of things and not getting to listen and write as much as usual. My apologies for not being able to do that.

One saving grace in all this has been the beautiful and wonderful magic of music. When I was a little kid, I only listened to what my parents played in the car, which was a light rock station and I never knew who the artists were. I recognized the voices, so when I got older I could figure out who played those songs I loved so much years earlier. One act was Journey, another was Tears For Fears. When I was a child the only music I knew of was the soundtrack to Top Gun (though I didn’t know or recognize the individual artists), Debbie Gibson (my sister’s favorite), and the Beach Boys. I’d hear people talk about the magic of music and how it was such a part of their lives. I couldn’t understand that. I liked the Beach Boys, but there wasn’t anything magical about what they did. Maybe it’s magical to you, and if so I apologize. I was 7 when I had these thoughts.

Kara Dubose and Alex Howard of The Light Parade
Being older and more engrossed in the culture of music changes that perspective. Music is therapy. It’s that and so much more but in the midst of this crazy week it’s been a refuge unlike any other. I would explain how but you probably already know. You have your own experiences of the power of music to bring warmth, comfort, joy, inspiration, love, etc. etc. I can tell you who I listened to that’s had my head bopping and my toe tapping and allowed me to forget about the stuff that’s occupied my thoughts. Those people include Jimi Hendrix and his Are You Experienced album, David Ramirez, Ben Harper, The Light Parade, and Ben Folds. There’s a lot more but that list will have to suffice for now.

On a side note, don’t miss Andrew Belle tomorrow if you’re in Abilene. He’s playing at Monks Coffeehouse at 7P with Cody Carnes and Paul Matta. It will be a great show. I’m going to get an exclusive session with Andrew at Flyboy Studios and I’ll post that stuff later. Come out it will be great to see you.

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