Seeing & Hearing vs. Just Hearing

There’s a certain power in the art of seeing. This is the power that has launched the motion picture industry into one of the highest grossing industries in the world, and keep it strong despite economic downturns, recessions, depressions, and other problems. Combining the beauty of sound and sight is a remarkable thing.

This is what makes the live concert so powerful because it takes something you’re already familiar with, or somewhat familiar anyways, and adds a new level of depth to the experience. It’s also what can break a young artist’s career if they can’t put together a dynamic and strong live performance. I’ve seen bands perform in large and small venues that sound amazing on their recording, but just sucked in concert. It soured my view of them. And then I’ve seen other bands that were decent to pretty good on cd who blew everyone and everything off the stage. Their show solidified to me how fantastic they were as performers and entertainers and I have followed their music closer since then.

As I mentioned before, we’ve been really privileged in recent months to host some amazing talent, all who sound great both on their recordings as well as in concert. Last night it was so cool to experience The Bright Light Social Hour at Playfaire Park in Abilene. I’d listened to their music, was familiar with their sound. But the concert experience added so much depth and intrigue to my love of their music that now the appreciation and my like of them is greater.

Matt Morris
Next week we’ll do the same with Matt Morris. I’m really excited about Matt coming to town because I’ll get to spend some time with him before the show in an interview session at Flyboy. Matt has a fascinating career, the son of a legendary Broadway and country music artist, who has found his own voice and place in the mainstream music. He’ll be performing Saturday April 23rd at the Paramount Theater. Tickets are available at the box office or by phone at 325-676-9620. Listen to Matt below, but DON’T miss this great concert experience because listening is only half the blessing.

[audio:|titles=Matt Morris-Just Before The Morning]

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