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There’s a few great places to discover indie artists you might not know, or some you only know by name. I’ve been blessed this week to discover some great flavors of music and want to share them with you. Best of all, most of this music is available for free. So there’s some good news for people with little or no money who are hungry from some fresh cuts of music. I’ve organized the listing by location of where to go. Click the Artist/Album link to go to the site to access the music.

Experience Austin: A Tunecore Music Sampler

This is a great sampler recently added to Amazon’s free music page. All you need is the Amazon mp3 downloader and you’re set. Standout tracks on this variety album include The Monarchs (a nice piano driven rock band similar to Rachael Yamagata) and Jay Nash (a groovy rock band with nice rhythm and hooks). For the most part, the songs on this album are fun tunes perfect for a car ride or dinner party.




Don’t Mess With Texas: SXSW 2011 New Music Sampler

Another new selection to Amazon’s music page. This selection contains more rock and alternative bands, many of whom seem to be channeling a 70s/80s style in their sound. I like how some of the classic elements of rock are being retroactively reinfused into modern music. It’s a great nod to the pioneers of several forms of rock music and a way to subtly say thanks to those older acts. Standout tracks on this sampler come from Surfer Blood, The Generationals, Chris Bathgate (with a softer folk tune compared to some of the rock on this other tracks).

……..There are quite a few samplers and free music on the Amazon music page available without cost. However, in my opinion not all of them are worth it, even though they’re free. If you enjoy collecting music and having TONS of stuff, even songs you’ll never listen to, then ignore what I will say next. But if you’re like me and you want the music you add to your playlist, iTunes, iPod or other mp3 player, then check out the previous samplers as well as Friendly Fire Recordings 2011 Sampler, Nail Spring 2011 Sampler, Police Teeth-Summertime Bruise (single), Landon Smith and the Real Matt Jones-Picture (single), Royal Bangs-Glass Helmet (single), and Nail 2011 SXSW Sampler. Just about everything else just didn’t work for me. By all means though, sample everything you see and download it if it works for you. These are the acts that worked for me.


Daytrotter has a unique presentation to bands and music, like this piece for Vampire Weekend

Also, if you haven’t checked this site out, you certainly need to do so. They’re called Daytrotter and they record exclusive sessions with indie artists in their studio who stop by and take 2 hours to record a unique experience with them. I love the way the sessions are presented and if you sign up for a free account, you get access to the sessions with some of my favorite indie and emerging songwriters and bands like Iron & Wine, Meiko, Rosi Golan, The Rocketboys, Vampire Weekend and much more. I&W is a pretty recent recording including a lot of his new album, which I fall more in love with the more I listen to it. Rosi is a feature artist on The Appetizer, and her session has some of my favorite songs as well as a new one. Check them all out.


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