Art is all around us.

“Art can be found in anything.” I had an art teacher in middle school that told us this. Many years later, I still believe deeply in this. I find beauty in everything. Waterfalls, skyscrapers, the night sky….. anything can be considered art. Music, food, fashion…. everything is spurred through artistic creativity.

During my daily blog perusing, (also known as “daily procrastination”), I came across a blog entry that portrayed this very idea. On the popular Australian blog, Lost At E Minor, there was a post about Gary Greenberg, a photographer experimenting with microphotography. He captured images of grains of sand magnified microscopically. What the images revealed were breathtaking, and a reminder that beauty lurks every where, even in the seemingly boring grain of sand.


I was flabbergasted when I saw these photos. They look nothing like grains of sand, they look more like exotic pieces of candy! Let this be a reminder to look around and take in your surroundings, find the beauty just waiting to be appreciated. For more about this photography, check out the lostateminor entry here.


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