What To Do With The Heat

For those of you who live in New England or the midwest, I understand that the heatwave of 2011 has finally gotten to you. I have to say I’m sorry. I thought you had a safe haven up there, away from the ridiculous high temperatures in triple digits that we know all too well. I guess that’s not true anymore.

For us folks here in Texas, namely central Texas, we’ve had 100+ degree days since May 1st, and very little rain if any to boot. So……….that means it’s been one stinkin’ hot summer. What can any of us do about it?

For one, try and use someone else’s air conditioning if you can. At least that’s what I’m doing. As much time as I can spend in doors (when not at work), or especially in a restaurant, coffee shop, book & music store, is my gameplan. That’s one big deal. Aside from that, having a good book to read or some great music is another thing that’s helped me stay cool this summer.

A great place to find music to chill to is of course right here on The Appetizer blog (as well as on our radio show). Over the past few weeks, I’ve come across some great brand new music to share with you that should help you cool off while the summer heat burns on. Enjoy!

[audio:http://blog.appetizerradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/05_hometown_fantasy.mp3|titles=The Wooden Birds-Hometown Fantasy]
Folk: The Wooden Birds
If you haven’t signed on to NoiseTrade, do it now. You won’t regret it. Not only is it a great resource for emerging artists, but it’s also a great way to discover new talent and be given some music from your favorite artists. They have new music from Brandi Carlile as well that’s excellent. This was my introduction to The Wooden Birds. I love the simplicity of their sound, like how honey can make a cup of tea suddenly taste not only different, but add a more flavorful sweetness than just sugar. Their EP is available for free on NoiseTrade, so check it out.

[audio:http://blog.appetizerradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/09-Cold.mp3|titles=Blindside- Cold]
Alternative Rock: Blindside
I became a huge fan of these guys in 2003 when I was introduced to them after the release of Silence. I was privileged to see them perform in two shows, one being one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. The days of Silence are long ago, and in my opinion their sound reached its pinnacle (until recently) with their album About A Burning Fire, which is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. It might be hard to grasp that comment about the title track, but check out the lyrics. Tell me for yourself. They’re such passionate sentiments, we used the final minute and a half on loop for the processional for our wedding in 2005. This track comes from their brand new album With Shivering Hearts We Wait, which is more of a return to the sound that made them successful in alternative rock and some Christian rock circles. Though these guys don’t shy away from their faith, their approach to songs about God are quite different from those who seem to try and make money from their faith. There’s a noticeable honesty and creativity to the lyrics, and the melodic instrumentation added to it lures you in deeper to the music. I love this new album and return to the direction they were on before their previous release The Great Depression.

[audio:http://blog.appetizerradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/01-Free-My-Mind.mp3|titles=Katie Herzig- Free My Mind]
Indie Rock-Katie Herzig
This track also features indie sensation Matthew Perryman Jones and comes from her album The Waking Sleep, which comes out September 20th. Katie has become a pretty big name in indie music over the past few years, especially her work with other emerging acts like Andrew Belle and Ten out of Tenn. She’s a Grammy nominated artist with a great sound and a lot to offer music fans looking for something fun, original, and new. More information on Katie at her website.

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