Billy the Kid, dinosaurs,Dr. Pepper. Not your normal honeymoon.

So I’m back in the real world as a Mrs.

The happy couple. The last cheesy thing I post/say. Promise.

I’m sure you’re were anxiously awaiting my arrival back as a married woman, especially since my promise to stop referencing weddings and love songs in every post.

So I’ll just talk about my honeymoon. WAIT, before you close the page, I promise no lovey-dovey cheesy crap. I actually have something interesting to share. I was inspired by D Grant’s previous post about his Texas adventure and thought I would share my own.

As you should know by now, I’m not normal. A honeymoon in the Bahamas or Hawaii sounds so mundane to me. I can sit on a beach any day, but I wanted to do something different. So what did we do, we ventured into good ole Bluff Dale, Texas. Home of The Hideway Ranch, located thirty minutes from the nearest fire station, grocery store, basically the nearest town. After driving down a gravel country road for quite some time, we entered the front gates of one of Texas’ hidden gems. The Hideaway Ranch is a 100-acre working ranch, owned by one of the sweetest families I have ever met. There are cabins available for rent throughout the property. During your stay, you can horseback ride, take a stab at archery, hike, and so much more. Or you can just relax in your cabin’s jacuzzi and soak in all of the gorgeous Texas Hill Country Scenery.

The view from our cabin, Buena Vista. You can see for miles.

We also ventured out into some of the surrounding towns.

First stop: Dublin, Texas. Home of the Dublin Dr. Pepper. I’m a Dr. Pepper fiend, but after drinking a Dublin Dr. Pepper, made with real sugar, I can’t go back to the corn syrup stuff.

Dublin Dr. Pepper. A little taste of Heaven.

After a tour of the still-working original bottling plant and memorablia, a stop at the soda shop for handmade Dr. Pepper floats was in order. Then another bottle of Dr. Pepper as we headed off to our next destination.

As I began to wind down from my sugar high, we came to the next town.

Hico. The REAL home of Billy The Kid.

See..Billy the Kid. No. Not a carboard cutout that I made husband pose with. Billy. The. Kid.

The Billy the Kid Museum in Hico was very interesting. I always heard Billy the Kid died in New Mexico. This town has pretty amazing evidence that Billy the Kid lived a long, happy life as a free man right there in Hico. Check out their website, it’s really interesting.

Like I said, I was coming off of a sugar high, so we stopped at the Wiseman House for handmade chocolate. They have every flavor of truffle ever made. I never knew how pretty chocolate could be until I went here.

Just looking at this picture makes me drool.

Across the street from this chocolate mecca is a local cafe, the Koffee Kup. Known for their pies topped with sky-high meringue. You have to check out this place.

Make a trip out to Hico soon, this hidden Texas gem, is filled with great food and fun. This town takes the simple pleasures of life and turns them into something grand, like a delicious truffle turned into a masterpiece almost too beautiful to eat.

I’m sure you’re wondering how my honeymoon ended.

The Dinosaur Park in Glenrose.

Running from dinosaurs. Told you I wasn’t normal.

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One thought on “Billy the Kid, dinosaurs,Dr. Pepper. Not your normal honeymoon.

  • August 29, 2011 at 11:10 PM

    Running from the dinosaur was really funny. Keep up the great work guys.


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