Elegant Abandonment & A Few Ghost Stories

Lately I have been talking a lot about art and the beauty in nature located around me. I think it is important to realize the beauty that is hidden in everything. I consider art to be in everything around me, even the simple and sometimes even forgotten things. For example, a while ago I posted pictures of magnified sugar particles. The pictures resembled a magnificent stained glass mosaic. If you haven’t seen it, then check it out here.

I have always held this philosophy, even when I was little. One thing I have always been especially interested in is old, abandoned buildings. These buildings once held a purpose and now sit empty and abandoned in lonely elegance holding a secret of a rich past. Now I don’t want to get all philosophical, but I find that intriguing, and I guess that’s why I have always been attracted to these buildings. I admit, I’m also intrigued by the haunting presence of these buildings. I am skeptical of the whole paranormal existence, but I find it extremely interesting.

Pearlstone Mill & Elevator in Dallas. Picture property of Noel Kerns.

The abandoned Pearlstone mill & elevator sits abandoned in the heart of downtown Dallas. When I was a little girl I was fascinated by this building. Just the image above brings forth curiosity about this monstrous concrete building. What was it? Why is it abandoned? Here is something interesting about the owner of the business that was once housed here, Mr. Pearlstone.


More recently, I discovered another forgotten building, The Baker Hotel, in Mineral Wells, Texas. As soon as you enter the town, you can’t miss the huge majestic building. No doubt, the tallest building in the entire town. When I saw it I had to stop and take a few pictures.



The public is no longer allowed in the building, but you are allowed to walk up to it and look through whatever windows aren’t covered with particle board. I snapped the picture above as I was walking up the front steps. When I made it to the entrance, I was overwhelmed by its’ haunting presence. I peered through windows and saw a beautiful ballroom. The furniture, drapes, and carpets still in the same place as years ago. Giant archways and a massive fireplace complete the room. The old-fashon elevator sat open, waiting for a guest to enter. Despite the aging and deteriorating state , I could imagine the majesty of the place during it’s time. That’s when I realized something strange. I could feel cold air coming from inside the building, as if the air conditioner was blasting on high. This is impossible. No electricity runs to the building anymore AND it was over 100 degrees outside.I have always heard that unexplained cold air could be evidence of paranormal activity. Here’s an explanation on this via wikipedia. Now I’m a skeptic, but I thought, “Could the Baker Hotel be haunted?”

Back in its heyday, this place was considered a hot spot. Many stars from “back in the day” were frequent visitors of the hotel, such as Clark Gable, Judy Garland, and many others. To read the full story, check out the official website dedicated to The Baker Hotel. This website is complete with pictures past and present, and other details. AND for those that like paranormal kind of things, there are even a few ghost stories (and even paranormal investigations) associated with the old hotel.

A quick Google search uncovered a number of ghost stories about the location. The building was even the site of many paranormal investigations. The ghost stories swirling about this location include the hotel owner’s mistress who still haunts the building. Flirting with men that enter the hotel. The story has some truth, it has been proven that Mr. Baker had a mistress who stayed on the 7th floor. When he decided to break off the affair, she committed suicide by jumping off the roof. Paranormal investigators reported the smell of perfume on the 7th floor. Coincidence? Here is a pretty good report of what one paranormal team found.

Regardless if the building is haunted or not is irrelevant. The beauty of the building stands on its’ own. The Baker Hotel overlooks the small town of Mineral Wells in a haunting elegance, locking up the nostalgia of its’ rich and lavish past.



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