Get these wedding bells out of my head!

As my wedding fast approaches, every thought in my head is wedding-related. (Don’t worry, I won’t bother you will the details, so bear with me.) Plus, since I’m a huge fan of music, there is always a song stuck in my head. So you can only imagine that my wedding woes have been played out in the soundtrack of my mind (That didn’t sound that crazy, did it?) ANYWAYS, Yesterday I put together a wedding playlist and I thought “I’m tired of all those played-out wedding songs, what unusual songs could I play?” Well, let’s just say my wedding is probably  the only one where you will hear Journey, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears (Don’t judge me, I grew up in the 90’s), and The Charlie Daniels Band in a twenty minute time span.

Anyways all the wedding music got me thinking of some unusual tunes that could turn the traditional boring wedding playlist upside down. What did I have in mind, check out these songs that you could rock out WITHOUT the wedding bells.

1. Sufjan Stevens. We played some of his stuff on The Appetizer. His tune, “The Dress Looks Good On You” could be a good first dance song. It’s also just an amazing song to relax too. I could listen to this song a million times and never get bored with it. His voice is hypnotic.


2.This next one is an offbeat one, but if you know me, I’m offbeat. 🙂 Anyways, this song by The Moldy Peaches “Anyone Else But You” (yes, ignore that it was in the movie Juno) I think it’s cute and worth a listen.


3. Here’s another offbeat one: Nick Drake “Northern Sky”


This clip also contains some footage from an interesting documentary of his life.

4. How about a blast from indie music music past? Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band. I just love the way their music sounds. The lyrics are good too.


5. For those that have a dark side, what about Stone Temple Pilots “Still Remains”


6. Let’s switch things up. Okay, here’s a no brainer. Billy Idol = one of the best 80’s musicians. Sorry if you aren’t a fan. I love him. You can bet, “White Wedding” is on my playlist.


What do you think? See I didn’t make you listen to Etta James (even though she was very talented) or so run-of-the-mill wedding ballad.

And don’t worry this will be the only time I bring up my wedding, but it’s all I have on the mind right now. 🙂


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