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My wife and I like to travel to the Hill Country once a year. It’s a great way to just relax and get away from the doldrums of life. Last weekend we took our trip and spent the majority of it in Boerne, just west of San Antonio. Over the years it’s become our favorite place to escape to. We were blessed to get to stay with one of her old college roommates and enjoy some excellent food and company (thanks Kelly and John!). If you haven’t ventured to the Hill Country, or only associate it with Fredericksburg, let this be an introduction and pitch for you to travel there and experience some great cuisine, people, and shops.

Food is a big reason to pick Boerne as a stop or a destination. Years ago while celebrating our first anniversary, we stopped in town after spending some time in Fredericksberg. F-berg is alright but most of the time it’s chalked full of people, has very congested roadways, making parking impossible. Plus, since it’s such a huge touristy town, everything there is over priced. My wife and I are pretty frugal people so spending an outrageous amount of money on anything from jam to a jacket isn’t our cup of tea. So, we decided to see if there was anything in Boerne worth checking out. One of the best decisions we made that year.

On that first trip we made our maiden voyage to one of our destination stops: The Dodging Duck.

The Dodging Duck sits off the old Main St. and directly across from the river/creek bed where tons of ducks and geese congregate. The place is a combo restaurant/brewery with seasonal brews every 3-4 months. This is a blessing and a bummer at the same time, only to say that during our first trip I had a brew called “Milk & Quackers.” It was an excellent darker brew with hints of chocolate and honey. When we returned the following year, the brew was no longer in their rotation. I haven’t been able to taste it since. This season’s selections included the Duck Vader Imperial Stout, which I had to try being a fan of more stout beverages (both coffee and ale). Duck Vader was a dark blend of coffee and rich chocolate flavors with a nice after-taste, not bitter but not sweet. I also had their Chimi Philly sandwiche with freshly made chips. The sandwich was awesome. My wife dined on one of their hogies.

Chimi Hoggie, chips, and Duck Vader Imperial at the Dodging Duck

We returned the following day to each one of their signature pretzels with German sausage, along with their sampler of all 4 brews. It was all very delightful.

A chocolate cover donut from Bear Moon Bakery
Another mainstay on the Boerne tour is the Bear Moon Bakery. Bear Moon is one of the bedrocks of the community, at least in the old town which is on the Main Street. The following few years has shown an increase in development for commercial and residential properties to the south east of the town. A lot of commercial businesses are setting up there just off Business 87 coming into town. But the old town has a lot of great old shops and restaurants. The Moon is one of them. After a day of walking the strip and doing a little shopping, my wife and I ducked into Bear Moon, split a Pistacio icecream and donut and exchanged gifts. I got her a tea cup and saucer. She got me a great new pipe, both found at an antiques store down the street.

One other mention for Boerne is a discovery we made while venturing into a unique gifts shop. It’s a website that promotes shopping at local and nonfranchise stores across Texas. It’s called ShoppingacrossTexas.com. On the site you can choose by city or by product, vote on your favorite stores, and even find sweet discounts along the way. We hope to be able to show off their stuff in the near future.

My wife’s blog is an always pleasant and fun experience. You can read her take on our little trip and the humor in a way only she can tell by venturing to Tales Of A Clyde Woman.

I look forward to sharing more cool stops and places to check out in the future. If you have stories or destinations from Boerne, please share.

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