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Yeah, that’s right. Sometimes it’s just fun to try something different. There’s a lot of people migrating slowly away from traditional radio platforms toward online stuff like Pandora or Slacker or……what is it called again???……..oh yeah Spotify. I don’t know, they’re all the same to me. You pick what music you want to listen to and some automated machine crafts a playlist for you. I guess that’s ok if you just don’t know what you want to listen to. But if you’re going to go on autopilot with your listening, why not just make some fun playlists on your iTunes account and sync your iPod to it?

Anyhow, as you know we’re screening the indie film Echotone tonight at the Paramount in Abilene. It’s really a cool film and there’s tons of great music in it from emerging bands out of Austin. So……..we want to open it up to listeners of the show and those who view the film to get to pick music to play on an upcoming episode of The Appetizer. How? Well, that’s fairly easy. On our Facebook Page, you can vote for your favorite band from the film. If you haven’t heard of some of these bands, or you don’t catch the film, that’s ok. They’re listed there and you can do a little listening on your own and cast a vote from that experience. Or you can check out some of the videos here and make an informed decision.

Hey, what if you want to hear something on the show that isn’t from this movie? Why don’t you just comment here or on FB and let us know. I play a lot of suggestions people make. It’s a great way for me to hear new stuff and also a great way to serve up stuff you want anyways. What could be wrong with that?


Bands To Vote On



Dana Falconberry

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

The White White Lights

The Black Angels

Comment here and let us know which band you would like to hear. Their music could be on our next (or future) radio show.

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