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Well it’s almost lunchtime, and I’m sure many of you are getting hungry. While you take a break to fill your appetite, how about satisfying your music appetite while you’re at it?

On this week’s show Chef D Grant Smith is serving up a different flavor of indie music than the past couple of weeks with some great artists. So I thought I would give you a little sample of what’s to come.

G. Love & Special Sauce:

The name made you scratch your head, didn’t it. Me too.

G. Love & Special Sauce is an alternative hip-hop band from Philadelphia. The group consists of G. Love (Garrett Dutton), Jeffrey Clemens (Drums), Mark Boyce (Keyboards), and Timo Shanko (Bass). Check it out. More information can be found on their website. They also have this really cool thing on their website called The Vault. Basically, if you sign up for their free mailing list, you get access to free content, such as tracks and videos. Check out their video of “Cold Beverage”, a song you may have heard before. When the song was released in 1994, it received ample airtime on MTV.


Also, an interesting fact about the group. In summer 2005, the band was featured in an advertisement for the launch of Coca-Cola Zero, featuring the group’s own unique version of the noted Coca-Cola advertising song, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”

Another artist that will be featured this week is The Honorary Title.

The Honorary Title is a indie rock band from Brooklyn.

I recognized the band from an interesting fact, they actually supported Hanson (you know…MmmmBop. Don’t worry, they have came a loooonggg way) on the third leg of their tour back in 2010. But the band has been around since 2003.

Their latest album, “Scream and Light Up The Sky” was released in 2007. More info can be found on their website. Also, check out their video for “Everything I Once Had”


Of course, there are more great artists being served up this weekend. Stay tuned, I’ll have more samples coming up.

Also, it’s almost time for the 2011 Golden Fork Awards. Do you know of any artists you think deserves one? Let us know on our Facebook.






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