Happy Columbus Day

This is one of those holidays that I remember from being a kid just because in some of the schools I went to, we had no school. And then we moved and still had to go to school on Columbus Day somewhere else. That’s kind of unique. I guess what gets lost in all these supposed holidays is that we lose sight of the purpose of them, which is to remember an individual or people group and their historic contribution to the world.

I honestly don’t know much about Columbus. I remember some from elementary school, but he often gets lumped with the Pilgrims. And either way, there was a lot of crazy injustice that happened to the native peoples of our country from the explorers and others that makes it a bit difficult to celebrate or honor. I know we’re not celebrating the crimes against the Natives, but that gets lost in the mix as well.

So, to honor the holiday and not take anything too far, I want to celebrate the day with some fun comedy from the late Flip Wilson. This recording goes back to 1967.


Flip Wilson-Christopher Columbus

[audio:http://blog.appetizerradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Christopher-Columbus1.mp3|titles=Christopher Columbus]

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