A Dreaded Time

You know when you were little when you’re watching your favorite TV show and your mom comes in and says “You were supposed to do ___(fill in the blank chore)__! It’s time for you to get up and start working on this stuff!” That wasn’t a time you looked forward to. At least not for me. It was no fun to substitute great TV watching for chores, or anything other than what you wanted to do. Same thing happens for most people with their jobs, yard work, taxes, etc. It’s time for/to…….something you’d rather put off.

Honestly, I feel that way about Christmas.

I admit it, it’s probably not a good thing, but it’s real. I’ve dreaded Christmas time every year since 1998. I don’t know if that was when I stopped getting toys for Christmas (which is still the best thing about the holiday if you ask me), or the fact that I suddenly became inundated with Christmas Music, but that was the start. It’s gotten progressively worse each year. It certainly has everything to do with the fact that Christmas music being played nonstop on every media outlet (except The Appetizer) featuring the same handful of songs over and over again. Though the versions might be different, it’s still the same songs. Christmas music is the holiday equivalent of Top 40 Pop. Top 40’s lyrical themes are generally what someone looks like, who pissed who off, sex, drugs, and whatever it is that Lady Gaga and Bieber sing about. Christmas music is the same in its limited subject matter, most of the tracks are about Santa, presents, snow, reindeer, or family (if you’re lucky). But it’s all the same music done over and over again. Original Christmas music makes it worthwhile but even then it borders on annoying.

So, when this time of year rolls around I have to do what I can to brace myself for the coming annoyance of repeated Christmas songs everywhere I go. I do have a few tracks I’m actually kind of fond of, so I try to save them to listen to as the holiday itself approaches so I can savor them. I tend to save things to savor later with food too. Most of us do. These tracks include O Holy Night (my favorite version comes from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Carol of the Bells (my favorite version comes from Mae), and a few originals like Emery’s (Ho Ho Hey) A Way for Santa’s Sleigh, and The Killer’s Joseph Better You Than Me. Check out the video for it->

Why am I saying this now? Because if you haven’t noticed in your ongoings, shopping, or TV viewing, the American way is to start celebrating Christmas as soon as Nov. 1st, or as soon as you can take the jackolanterns and Halloween stuff out of your yard and start putting up lights, trees, and other yard ornaments Christmas themed. I imagine that later this week, we’ll welcome Thanksgiving with Christmas music on the radio, TV, and elsewhere. There’s a few songs I hope I don’t have to endure at all, and I think we can all agree with these thanks to the Houston Press.

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