CN versus CNR

Chuck Norris is a popular dude. People are Google searching him now and finding a post we did back in 2010 when he became an honorary Texas Ranger. When I look at stats for this blog, Chuck Norris is one of the most searched things. Pearl Jam is a close second. Kurt Cobain is in the top 10. Funny that a music blog’s top searched name is someone that has really no credibility or avenue in music.

Neither does Charles Nelson Riley, the famed game show host from the 70s. I honestly didn’t really know who that guy was, until one of my favorite artists wrote a song about him. The style of the song is much in the same theme that the recent Chuck Norris mythology books are. The video is pretty killer too. Check it out below.

So I had this notion of doing a show where music faced music, Chuck Norris versus…. Turns out that there is a metal band named Chuck Norris and another called the Chuck Norris Experiment. Several bands have written songs about Chuck Norris. Comedians are trying to tie in the mythology lines and book stuff into their routines. It could be a pretty comical show (radio episode) with both music and comedy.

But what if we just test the waters here and put 2 videos up and let you decide who is better:

Weird Al Yankovic-CNR

Supafloss-Chuck Norris

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