Happy Thanksgiving

When this time of year rolls around, it’s appropriate to take some time and say Thank You to the people who mean a lot to you. It means a lot to me that YOU read The Appetizer blog. Maybe you’re a regular listener of our radio program. Thank you for being that. Maybe you’re a casual listener. Thank you just the same. Or maybe you just read the blog for a few laughs and some insights into music you weren’t familiar with before. Whatever the reason for you to be here on our site, thank you.

I’m also really thankful for a few individuals who give to The Appetizer each week, and who deserve a lot of credit and recognition for their work. First, Meagan Freeman. You read her blog posts weekly as she is a regular contributor here. She also produces some of our podcasts and interview segments. She’s done video and photography for the interviews we’ve done at Flyboy Studio. Right now she’s working on overhauling our website. The Appetizer has been able to reach more people and do more things since Meagan joined the team and I’m VERY thankful for all that she has brought to the table and all that she’s done for the show. Meagan, thank you.

Also, Elliott Park is someone who deserves a lot of thanks. On top of giving of his expertise and time, he’s given me an outlet to produce our radio program in the facility of his very excellent recording studio Flyboy Music in Clyde. It’s close by and it’s a great place to not only create the radio show but also be able to bring musicians in for professionally recorded and produced interview segments that I wouldn’t be able to do on my own. Elliott, thank you.

Speaking of Flyboy, our interviews are produced by Elliott and also Jeremy Strom. Jeremy is an incredibly talented individual who can blow just about anyone away on guitar. He’s also an excellent web-designer, videographer, and producer. I appreciate Jeremy extending me his talents, his time, and his friendship. Thanks man.

Finally I want to thank someone who continuously inspires me and also pushes me to be better and better everyday, and that’s my beautiful wife Leilani. She is by far the best blessing in my life and I’m truly grateful for her everyday. If you want some really great blogging, check hers out here.

Thank you, and have a very blessed Thanksgiving!!!

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