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Bess Rogers' 2011 album cover
One of the best things about hosting a music radio program is getting to connect with artists who are beginning their musical journey, and also some who have been on the journey for a little while. Such was the case a few years ago (2006) when I first spoke with Bess Rogers. Bess is a very talented guitarist and songwriter who tours with Ingrid Michaelson‘s band and has recorded with her on several albums. She also plays with the band Age of Rockets.

Aside from who she performs and records with, Bess has a great solo music career. Back when MYSPACE wasn’t full of scummy sites and I didn’t feel violated viewing people’s pages, Bess had posted some of her music there and was starting to really build an audience for herself. We began talking and I did a short interview with her that was very fun. Over the years we’ve kept in touch and she continues to make well-seasoned, tasty tracks. Her latest album is titled Out of the Ocean, release in October of 2011.

One of the things I enjoy most about Bess’ music is the way she crafts songs about relationships. Whether shining a good or a negative light on where a relationship is going, her ability to take what most of us have experienced with love lost and love gained, as well as love’s possibilities is very unique, and a great listening experience. From her latest album, I’ve become a big fan of Anchor, where she calls to her love and identifies key reasons why she has to have him to make her strong. I certainly feel that towards my love (Check out an old conversation we had in 2010 here).

Me with Rosi outside Lola's in Ft. Worth. And yes, she's sporting an Appetizer hat.
Another artist I’ve been privileged to meet along their musical journey is Rosi Golan. I first met her while she toured with William Fitzsimmons in 2009 at a show in Ft. Worth. She was very gracious and we had a nice conversation you can hear below. Her follow-up to the debut album The Drifter and the Gypsy is the 2011 release Lead Balloon (which features the guitar talents of yet another Appetizer artist Jake Phillips). I recently picked up the new album and checked it out. Like a great movie that you wish could go on, Lead Balloon is a stellar sequel release, picking up with some similar melodies and overall feel that the original had. One nice addition is some more instrumentation to tracks like Everything is Brilliant, a stunning duet overlayed with violin and brush-stick drums.

Both of these artists will continue to be on my radar, and could possibly get a few Golden Fork nominations later in the year as we continue to feature more music from their recent releases. Speaking of the GF award, we’ll be making the announcements soon as to who the 2012 winners are. Stay tuned. And be sure to check out the latest albums from Rosi and Bess. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. I’ll be serving up tracks from them both in the upcoming Recipe of Love edition of our radio program this coming weekend.

Archived Podcast with Rosi–>[audio:|titles=Rosi Golan 2009 Interview]

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