Marketa Irglova

[*You can hear tracks of Marketa in our Best of 2012 and Songwriting Queen episodes in our Program Archive]

I’m a huge fan of supporting up and coming artists. One of my favorite sites to browse is I have to admit, one of the reasons I love this site is because of the great FREE music.

In fact, I just downloaded some songs from Marketa Irglova on Noisetrade. An artist that will be featured on this week’s episode of The Appetizer.

Check it out here and download many of her songs for free.

This is my first time listening to her music and I have to say I loved it!

Marketa Irglova has a pretty cool story. She is originally from the Czech Republic and her reputation as a musician began as being an accomplished pianist. Her piano roots play a huge role in her indie rock songwriting.

To get an idea of Marketa’s music I listened to her track, “Go Back” from her solo album, Anar. Although this is considered a solo album, there are plenty of accompanying voices and influences, such as her sound engineer husband,┬áTim Iseler. Her lyrics are simple, yet sincere. She uses lyrics like poetry. Beneath the gorgeous piano melodies, the lyrics embed deep meanings and ideas.

A great example of the simplistic complexity (I know that sounds like a oxymoron) of Marketa’s music is the title of her album, Anar. Anar is the Farsi word for pomegranate. Once you break open the rind of a pomegranate, you discover the delectable tiny morsels of fruit hiding inside. My crazy analogy describes Marketa’s music. Simplistic and sincere, waiting for the listener to delve into the meanings of the lyrics and the beautiful harmony of the music.

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