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This time I’ve selected some choice ingredients to showcase some excellent emerging songwriters, along with a few classics in the mix as well. This episode of our radio program is title Songwriting Seasonings and I have flavors in the realms of folk, rock, alt country, story-tellers, a blended psychedelic tune, and a new take on ska from a great new band. Fun, The Lighthouse and the Whaler, Jesse Thomas and a whole lot more. I have a culmination of folk and singer-songwriter flavors from old and new artists like Joshua James and Harry Chapin. You’ll be introduced to a brand new band called Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds with an album coming out soon titled Pound Of Dirt. Their style combines seasonings of rock, blues, jazz, and a sprinkle of ska. I also want to introduce you to another new band out of Australia called The Beards, and yes facial hair plays a large role in their act. They have 2 full-length albums out and a recently released single. What impresses me about their work is not just how stellar they are as musicians, but all of their songs have one theme-beards. As a man known for his facial hair, I have a respect for this kind of motif, if you will. Most of the time presented in humorous ways, they have a fun video you can view below. Also music from Iron & Wine’s Kiss Each Other Clean release that takes his iconic folk-driven songwriting and adds layers of instrumentation that redefines his sound. Enjoy!


Real Good Hands (Radio Edit)/ Gregory Porter/Be Good
Another Ride/ Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds/ Pound Of Dirt (edited for radio)

Make It Rain (FCC radio edit)/Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds/Pound Of Dirt
Fire/Jesse Thomas/War Dancer
Under Mountain, Under Ground/The Lighthouse and the Whaler/The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Present For The End Of The World/Good Old War/Come Back As Rain
Calling Me Names/Good Old War/Come Back As Rain
Why Am I the One/Fun./Some Nights

(Though this is not the song featured in this week’s show, it was the song that introduced me to the band. A humorous track and an even funnier video. The videos for the songs featured weren’t as funny, hence not shown. But the music is solid!)

A Wizard Needs a Beard/The Beards/The Beards
Who Told You to Shave Off Your Beard?/The Beards/The Beards

Halfway to Heaven/Harry Chapin/Verities & Balderdash
Vacancy/Harry Chapin/Verities & Balderdash

Dangerous/Joshua James/The Sun Is Always Brighter (Deluxe Edition)

(And since our previous video was the subject of beards, here’s one of the best around)

Rabbit Will Run/Iron & Wine/Kiss Each Other Clean (Deluxe Version)

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