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This hour I want to share with you some bands and songs from my personal collection, from very different styles of music. And I will share with you what draws me to these tracks. And you can share with me what you feel about them.

Folk, Singer-songwriter, soul-funk, alternative, rock, punk and even comedy all on the way this hour.

Friends will ask me where I find the music that I play each week on this show. That’s a great question, because it is different each week. Sometimes they come from cds and albums that people send me that strike a chord with me. I love music not found on the radio. One big passion I have is sharing music with you here on the radio that has not been featured on the FM dial before. Another place I find the music featured here is my iTunes library. I think just about everyone has a varied and numerous collection of sound in their iTunes playlist. I love talking with people about music, hearing what they enjoy listening to, and telling them about a new indie artist they might now know about. Usually this leads to more talks about some artists I don’t know about either. Sometimes I come across artists through relationship with other artists. It’s cool to have a band plug another artist. Sometimes I discover new music at concerts. Don’t we all? That’s one of the best things about shows, aside from getting to meet new people is getting introduced to new music from bands, whether you’re a die hard fan or not. Most of the time something new is discovered at a show.

You’re invited to an upclose look at my search for musical flavor. Enjoy!


Whistle Bird Jenn Rawling Take The Air
You Will Ride With Me Tonight Dar Williams In The Time Of Gods

Dark Hotel/K.S. Rhoads/ Dead Language
Bizness/tUnE-yArDs/W H O K I L L

Eat Healthy/Jim Gaffigan/Beyond the Pale
Spray Cheese/Jim Gaffigan/Beyond the Pale

What Good Is Love (Montreal Mix)/Colin Devlin/The Artist Sampler – Mishara & More
Made Up Of/Barnaby Bright/The Artist Sampler – Mishara & More

Dangerous/Joshua James/The Sun Is Always Brighter (Deluxe Edition)
Velvet Alley (Acoustic)/Strung Out/Prototypes and Painkillers
Sky’s Still Blue/Andrew Belle/The Daylight EP

Money/The Drums/Don’t Mess With Texas: Sxsw 2012 New Music Sampler

Rivers Underneath/Stavesacre/Speakeasy

Maybe Next Time /Face to Face/Ignorance Is Bliss

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