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This time I’m serving up a Tasty Introduction to new music from artists like Adam Cohen and Sarah Von Etten. We also have a conversation with Tyler Clarensau, the lead singer and songwriter of the band Clarensau who were Golden Fork Award nominees last year. If you want to hear that talk, just click the link for Conversations At The Table. Also two excellent songwriters with unique and powerful voices-Appetizer artist Matt Morris and Brett Dennen. We’ll taste my favorite track from Garbage and we’ll dine for a second time on one of my favorite cuts from Punk Rock’s Face To Face. For starters, we have an artist who helped put Punk Rock on the map, with a brand new album out that features his classic sound as well as a side that hasn’t been showcased as much. We’re going to taste both. From the 2012 release Ya Know?, Joey Ramone gets first dibs on our show this week. Enjoy!


What Did I Do To Deserve You?/Joey Ramone/…Ya Know?
Waiting For That Railroad/Joey Ramone/…Ya Know?

Maybe Next Time/Face to Face Ignorance Is Bliss
When I Grow Up/Garbage/ Version 2.0

[Interview with Tyler Clarensau]

Oh How I Need Changing/Clarensau/The Artist Sampler – Mishara & More

Beautiful/Adam Cohen/Like A Man
Like A Man/Adam Cohen/Like A Man

Someone to Love You/Matt Morris/When Everything Breaks Open
So Far from Me/Brett Dennen/Hope for the Hopeless (Deluxe Version)
I Belong In Your Arms/Chairlift/Something

Serpents/Sharon Van Etten/Serpents – Indie Spotlight Free Download on iTunes
Know Me/Frankie Rose/Interstellar

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