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This week we celebrated our 9th birthday/anniversary as a radio program. Over the years we’ve had the honor of hosting some incredible artists in our studio and also on phone interviews. The conversations have been great, as well as the exclusive performances. This week’s radio program features a collection of our favorite interview sessions over the past few years, including a session recorded two months ago that we have not aired yet with Lindsay Katt. You can hear more of these sessions on our PODCAST page, or you can see some video from a few of the sessions HERE.

Thanks for being a part of our show for nearly a decade. Also in our program we hear from listeners who tell us why they love our show and what artists we introduced them to that they are now fans of.

Hour 1

[Archive Session 1-Andrew Belle interview and performance of The Ladder]

[Archive Session 2-The Rocketboys performance of We Are A Lighthouse; Rare Triumphs of Love and Fortune]

[Archive Session 3-William Fitzsimmons (featuring Jake Phillips on guitar) interview and performance of Beautiful Girl and Tide Pulls From The Moon]

[Archive Session 4-Matt Morris interview and performance of The Un-American]

[Archive Session 5-Lindsay Katt interview and performance of Focus]

[Archive Session 6-Elliott Park and George Pendergrass performance of People Get Ready]

Hour 2

Welcome back to my table here on TA, I’m glad to have you for this very special presentation this time. This week we marked our 9th birthday as a radio program and this hour we’re celebrating my looking at these past several years and some of the great conversations, interviews, and exclusive sessions we’ve had with new and emerging artists. Also this hour we’re going to hear from you. Yes, listeners have been calling in telling me their favorite artists that they were introduced to and we’ll hear from fans of the show and the artists they love. You are a huge part of this show and have been for the past 9 years. This celebration is a celebration of not just great music and the opportunity to showcase it to you, but a way to say thanks for listening and being with me for so long. I appreciate you.

Earlier this year I had the privilege to sit down with a very talented songwriter who has recently released her self-titled album. She hails from New York but began her career in Nashville. She was the first person to ever tell me that D Grant was “gangsta” and that endeared her to me. These are 2 exclusive songs she performed with us here on TA.

[Archive Session 1-Mindy Smith interview and performance of Tennessee and Jolene]

Keep Breathing 3:26 Ingrid Michaelson Be OK

[:19 break/music bed]

When we celebrated our 5th birthday in 2008 we had the fortune of spending it with someone who became a good friend and is a celebrated songwriter in the indie world-Micah P Hinson. Here is a portion of that interview as well as an exclusive performance.

[Archive Session 2-Micah P Hinson interview performance of When We Embrace]

Bottle Of Tears 4:14 Elliott Park Fly Boy

[Archive Session 3- Elliott Park interview]

The Old Man & The Clock 2:39 Elliott Park Fly Boy


Two Little Birds Lindsay Katt Picking Out Boxes

Long Walk Home Bruce Springsteen The Rising

Thunder 2:22 Matisyahu Light (Bonus Track Version)

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    • September 28, 2012 at 12:17 PM

      Thanks Jonathan. Yeah Micah is a great talent and a good friend. His music is really timeless. And we all love Ingrid; can’t get enough of her music.


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